People Can't Wait For Eggo's New Waffle Cereal Flavor

Good news for fans of Kellogg's Eggo Waffle Cereal—we're getting a new flavor soon. According to junk food-spotting Instagrammer @CandyHunting, the account that previously broke the news about the Java Chip Oreo flavor, the Winter Edition Arctic Berry Red Bull, and the Sour Patch Kids Snack Pack juicy gels, we're about to get Kellogg's Eggo Chocolate Waffle Cereal, a cocoa-y take on this sweet breakfast. 

The sweetsspotter found the cereal posted on the website of grocery chain Meijer. Fans are excited, raving in the comments, "Eggo cereal was the best! So amped for this," " "Yummy," and "These look awesome! If they taste anything like the Chocolate Chip Eggo Waffles they are going to be amazing."

Commenters confirmed that this cereal is in fact hitting the shelves of grocery stores—one saw the boxes on the shelves at the end of the aisle at their local Meijer's, and another spotted the cereal at a Shop Rite in upstate New York. 

A long time coming

Rumors of Kellogg's Eggo Chocolate Waffle Cereal began circulating over the summer when Redditor u/CerealSnob posted an early photo of the box to Reddit's cereal forum, captioning it "LEAK: We may soon see a Chocolate Eggo's cereal." At the time, the boxes were labeled "Sample not intended for resale." At the time, CerealSnob explained, "Okay so I got a tip about Kellogg's running a test on this specific Eggo's formula from a factory insider. He said the test went well so there is a good chance we will see this produced." 

The Redditor said they sought more info from their "Kellogg's contact" but was still waiting on a reply at the time of the post. "So for now this is a rumor," the user concluded. Apparently, the cereal has successfully made it through its testing phase, much to the delight of chocolate-loving fans of the original Eggo's cereal. If that sounds like you, check your local grocery store now—boxes could already be on the shelves.