What Anthony Bourdain Really Thought About Alton Brown

Anthony Bourdain was not only a legendary chef, but he was also someone who didn't mince his words. He was known for being vocal about his views on several topics, including some of his peers in the culinary industry. Bourdain even had a few conflicts with a handful of chefs. For example, he and Wolfgang Puck didn't get along all that well (via Thrillist). While he did respect Puck, he was let down by his work in general (mentioning his pizzerias) and was also quite mad at the chef for banning foie gras in all his eateries back in 2007.

As for the relationship Bourdain had with other iconic chefs, specifically Alton Brown, it wasn't all criticism. Intrigued? Read on for the full lowdown on what Bourdain once said about Brown and his skills in the kitchen. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Anthony Bourdain was impressed by Alton Brown

Surprisingly (or not), Bourdain thought Alton Brown was an asset to the culinary industry. According to a Reddit post, Bourdain once wrote in a blog that he felt like Brown was impressive. "How did Alton slip inside the wire–and stay there all these years? He must have something on them. He's smart. You actually learn something from his commentary," he wrote.

Bourdain also mentioned that he personally liked watching Iron Chef America — which Brown has appeared on — no matter how cheesy things got. But with all friendships or admirers from afar, misunderstandings happen. Bourdain once stated, "I love Ina Garten. She's one of the few people on Food Network who can actually cook." Brown took this comment personally and said that he didn't need to defend his skills.

That said, Bourdain realized his mistake and tweeted in Brown's favor. He wrote, "I have zero beef with @altonbrown. Smartest stuff on FN [Food Network] and a hero to my daughter."