The Surprising Revelation Guy Fieri Made About His Diet

For a guy we've seen sinking his teeth into more sloppy burgers, racks of ribs, and hot dogs than we can count, Guy Fieri — star of Food Network's famous Diners, Drive-ins and Dives — made a startling admission about his diet: His least favorite food? Eggs (via New York magazine's Grub Street). Another food he won't touch? The crazily coiffed and loudly dressed star told People magazine his adventurous streak ends at liver. "Liver is nasty," he told the magazine in 2017.

As for eggs? It's not a health thing. He just doesn't like them. While Fieri says he can take them hidden away in dressings, "Sunny-side up, over-easy or scrambled? No, thank you," he told People.

So, how does Fieri start his day if not with a big juicy omelet or a stack of pancakes as one might imagine? The answer might surprise you and maybe even disappoint hardcore DDD fans. After his morning workout, Fieri breaks out the juicer.

Guy Fieri embraces his hippie heritage

Having filmed — and eaten — at more than 1,500 diners, drive-ins, and dives since his show began in 2006, Guy Fieri and his crew have a nutrition regimen. Fieri says breakfast is an Americano and a fruit-and-vegetable concoction from the juicer they bring with them to each location. But it's not just for him. Fieri told People that the whole crew partakes in order to boost immunity when putting in long hours on the road.

What's more, Fieri's taste in food has become more wholesome in recent years. While his bio on the Food Network website lists his favorite foods as "meatballs, pork chops, chicken Parm and steak," he told Grub Street in December 2020 that he's discovered the appeal of vegan cooking. It harkens back to his childhood in a way. Fieri describes his parents as hippies who were into macrobiotic and "natural" cooking.

He also recently told CBS News, "Veggies are my game." He professes a love of salad, spaghetti squash, and whole grains like farro. He's got quite a wide-ranging palate — just skip the eggs.