Burger King Korea's Newest Menu Item Stacks Four Whopper Patties

If you thought America was the country with the "supersize me" culture, then you need to take a look at the newest items on the menu at Burger King in South Korea. BK restaurants in that country started a "real Whopper challenge" recently. The standard Whopper in South Korea is much the same as the one in the United States. With the Whopper challenge, BK Korea has added three new Whoppers to the menu: the Stacker 2, Stacker 3, and Stacker 4 (via Hypebeast). 

Those names mean what you probably think they mean. Burger King in South Korea is stacking two, three, or even four patties into one Whopper – just to see if customers are up to the challenge of eating a burger that big. For good measure, BK is layering in slices of American cheese with each patty. The ultimate challenge isn't listed on the menu, but Burger King invites you to order it anyway if you dare: the Stacker 5.

It's hard for someone who doesn't read Korean to decipher what the real Whopper challenge is all about, but Burger King Korea's website appears to describe a three step-process: buy a multi-stack Whopper, take a photo of yourself eating it, and post to social media.

Burger King Korea now makes its Whopper with more natural ingredients

The real Whopper challenge at BK South Korea comes as the chain promotes an update to the chain's signature sandwich, calling it the "real Whopper" with better ingredients. "Burger King has been working tirelessly over the past five years to make Whoppers healthier and more reliable," says Google's translation of a Korean Burger King webpage. "Through the past five years of improving product ingredients such as flavors, colors, preservatives, and additives for all ingredients of the Whopper, a more reliable and more delicious real Whopper has been born!" A Burger King Korea Instagram post provides an updated ingredients list for the Whopper: flame-grilled beef patty, pickles, lettuce, mayonnaise, onions, tomatoes, and ketchup on a sesame seed bun. 

Burger King in the United States came out with pretty much the same promotion touting an all-natural Whopper in September. American Burger Kings printed the Whopper's ingredient list prominently on the wrapper – the exact same ingredients listed by BK South Korea. Burger Kings in the U.S. and South Korea are playing ketchup – er, catch-up – with restaurants in Europe that have been offering the all-natural Whopper for a while now (via CNBC). Burger King in the U.S. is on a mission to make its entire menu all-natural by early this year, according to a press release sent to Mashed in September.