Aldi's Reusable Snack Bags Are Turning Heads

On Monday, January 25, one of the latest AldiFinds was spotted in a local Aldi store. Fan Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds snapped a photo of new Crofton Reusable Bags on the shelves and posted it. The caption read, "reusable snack and sandwich bags are coming to Aldi this week! I am so excited about these and I grabbed a pack of each size. My kids use so many of the regular ones so this will help us have much less trash. We mostly use them for pretzels and cheese crackers. What will you be putting in these?" The fan account went on to add, "you can also share this post with a friend or in your stories or tap the flag to save it for your shopping list! @aldiusa Make sure to go watch my stories to see more details about these bags, including the colors and sizes!" It wasn't long before the post started to blow up.

Within a day, the post had more than 2,400 likes. It's totally understandable, too. These bags could help Aldi shoppers reduce a lot of their single-use plastics. According to Aldi, the Crofton Reusable Bags come in two sizes. There is a six-piece set of large bags suitable for sandwiches and an eight-piece small bag set that's perfect for snacks, according to Aldi.

Here's what people are saying

Both are made of PEVA that's been tested for food safety. They're also fridge safe down to -58 degrees Fahrenheit. Each set is just $3.99, so you'll definitely want to get one of each size for that price. One thing to note, however, is that according to the comments of the Instagram post, these bags were said to most likely not be dishwasher-friendly. For that reason, a couple of Aldi shoppers appeared to be skeptical of getting the reusable bags clean. By and large, most people were very excited for this new find.

A commenter said, "I use the large ones for sandwiches or homemade protein waffles! small ones for nuts, trail mix." Another wrote, "I would put grapes, graham crackers, cheese, sandwiches, etc." One person said they hoped to pick some up later this week. Another simply wrote, "definitely need some for packing lunches."

However you plan to use these, they'd undoubtedly come in handy. So, keep an eye out for them at your local Aldi.