Aldi Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Cheese

As Valentine's and Galentine's day approach, it isn't surprising that your favorite grocery stores like Aldi are rolling out special themed products to celebrate the occasion. From pizzas and chocolates to pasta and more, there are tons of new heart-themed items on Aldi's shelves. One gift that Aldi shoppers cannot wait to get their hands on isn't chocolate, however. This year's hottest Valentine's day treat just might be the heart-shaped cheeses that have hit shelves.

The grocery store's official Instagram, @aldiusa, recently posted a collection of photos of the heart-themed cheeses with the caption, "Need a unique way to say I love you? Say it with cheese!" That's a sentiment most people can get behind. Within a day, the post had garnered more than 5,300 likes. People immediately commented with their thoughts. One person wrote, "we NEED these! VDay Dinner will be served!" Another commenter tagged a couple of friends and said, "for our Galentine's Day." The excitement was clear when someone wrote nothing but a long string of exclamation points.

Here's what you can expect from Aldi's heart-themed cheeses

If you're a cheese lover and can't wait to see what's in the cards for a cheesy Aldi Valentine's day, then it's time to get down to the options at stake. There are two categories of the themed cheese. The first are single blocks of cheese while the second are boxes of individually-wrapped single servings of cheese. In the first category of heart-shaped blocks of cheese, there are three flavors to choose from. The first is mature cheddar classic English cheese followed by gin and rhubarb Wensleydale cheese and Wensleydale cheese with raspberries and white chocolate (via Aldi). Each one is about 5.3 ounces and costs $3.99.

The second category of cheeses comes in cute, festive boxes that have two flavors. The first is English gouda in a pink and white striped box with yellow hearts that reads "we go really gouda together!" The second flavor is aged cheddar in a white box with pink and purple kisses that reads, "you make me melt." In each 4.2-ounce box, there are eight portions of the cheese and both cost $4.99, according to Aldi. With prices so low, you will definitely want to pick up a couple to try. So, make sure to lookout for them in the refrigerated section the next time you're in your local Aldi.