Aldi's Football-Themed Paper Plates Are Perfect For Super Bowl Sunday

So, you're not one of the 22,000 lucky fans who get to watch the 2021 Super Bowl live (via The New York Times). Don't look so glum, chum. Now you have the perfect excuse to watch QB superstars Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes go head-to-head at home. With, you know, the goods: all of the Super Bowl-worthy snacks you have time to cook or stock up on: from chicken wings to sheet-pan nachos. And while you're stressing over whether or not to go store-bought or homemade, we're happy to take another logistic off of your plate. You won't need plates if you choose to go full-on Nacho table during your upcoming Super Bowl party, but for any other appetizer, you will. 

Aldi has the perfect paper plate solution. We know they're not earth-friendly. But who wants to be caught washing dishes instead of celebrating a touchdown? Also, these football-themed beauties, first spotted by the Instagram handle @theamazingaldi, come with matching napkins, perfect for wiping greasy fingers before reaching for the remote control. 

Aldi shoppers line up for its football-themed plate

"Must find!!" wrote one of @theamazingaldi's Instagram followers after laying eyes on Aldi's football-themed plates. At $1.89 a pack, snapping a pack or two of them up is really a no-brainer. It's not Aldi's first rodeo at Super Bowl-themed merch, of course. Should you be interested, in 2019, Aldi Reviewer wrote a thorough guide about how to prep for a Super Bowl Sunday using Aldi products alone, tableware included. According to a more-recent Aldi Reviewer article, you can buy yourself a 100-pack of football-themed party cups to complement your tableware needs for just $4.89. 

When you do, make sure to stock up on other game day-approved Aldi finds, like cheese-stuffed pretzel bites or their everything bagel-seasoned pigs in a blanket. With novelty paper plates, you can skip the cleanup. This way, you can use the commercial breaks to actually enjoy the iconic commercials Sunday is sure to provide.