Doritos 3D's Flat Matthew Super Bowl Ad Has People Divided

Super Bowl Sunday 2021 has come and gone, and even though this year looked a little different than last, people naturally still set up around their TVs to watch the big game. Whether you were there for the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or were hoping to watch Tom Brady lose, there's one thing that is an undeniable common thread among everyone — the commercials. For years, droves of people have been flocking to their televisions to watch the commercials, even if they have little interest in the actual game. CNN reports that the cost of a commercial shown during the Super Bowl was a cool $5.5 million in 2020 for only 30 seconds of airtime (a tradition that started in 1967, per Smithsonian Magazine).

This year, viewers loved the commercials, like this one from State Farm where musician and actor Drake gets reminded that stand-ins don't have lines, Bud Light's ad about how 2020 was full of lemons. But, there was one commercial that really stood out among fans and viewers, and has them taking to Twitter to air how they really feel – Matthew McConaughey's "Flat Matthew" commercial for Doritos 3D had a lot of people feeling a certain type of way.

Twitter was divided on #FlatMatthew

McConaughey was tapped to help bring to life the new Doritos 3D commercial for the big night. In the commercial, viewers see a very flat Matthew going about his day, feeling rather flat – that is, until he finds a vending machine filled with Doritos 3D Crunch. The flattened actor proceeds to enter the vending machine to get in on the Doritos fun, and upon eating them suddenly becomes 3D himself (via YouTube). This had some fans loving the comically innovative direction, while others feeling a little put off by it.

One Twitter user wrote, "Here's the 1st #Superbowl #commercial I liked (by #Doritos). Has Matthew McConaughey. Funny at end when he's trapped in the vending machine!" However, not everyone felt this way. A different Twitter user revealed that the Flat Matthew commercial "weirded" them out and gave them huge "Christopher Lloyd did in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'" vibes. Another Twitter user added that they felt Doritos may have really missed the mark. Regardless of how you may feel on the subject, the Doritos/McConaughey team up was definitely a memorable one.

Regardless, Flat Matthew was one of people's favorite commercials of the night

One Twitter user felt that the Doritos 3D commercial with McConaughey beat out the space-themed Pringles commercial, which also received mixed reactions from fans. In response to a tweet asking what people felt were the best commercials of the game, another user stated that their top three as of the night were the Sam Adams' Budweiser spoof, Jason Alexander's Tide hoodie commercial, and the Doritos/McConaughey team up.

One true fan even asked Doritos if they had any Flat Matthew promotional items available, so they could buy their own version of Flat Matthew in addition to their already purchased cases of Doritos 3D. Other fans were even wondering if there could possibly be a Flat Matthew sitting in the stands among all the other cutouts that had "attended" the Super Bowl. There was also debate on the hashtag. While the official hashtag for the promotion is #FlatMatthew, some felt that #FlatMatt would have been a better choice for the ad.