Here's The Best Way To Remove Odors From Your Tupperware

Plastic containers like Tupperware look and smell so perfect when you first get them. No stains, no scratches, no smells. Pristine vessels just waiting for your delicious leftovers or favorite packed lunch.

Just a few uses, however, can leave your Tupperware looking, and worse, smelling old. And after several uses, no matter how thoroughly you scrub them, eventually plasticware will take on food odors. And who wants to put their delicious cheesecake in a container that smells like garlic?

How can you restore your favorite plastic containers? Luckily, there are solutions, and each of these seven options works without resorting to potentially toxic cleaners or chemicals, so you can feel good about how you're cleaning your food containers.

According to Kitchn, the first thing to do to freshen up a piece of tired Tupperware is to start by giving it a good soap-and-water scrub to get rid of any stuck-on food or debris.

Solutions for smelly containers

Trying to get the smells out of your Tupperware? A tried-and-true tool is baking soda. Sprinkle some into your container and add water to form a paste. Rub it into the container, wait a couple of days, and wash. Lemon works, too. Rinse your container in lemon juice or use a cut lemon to rub out those odors. You can also try vinegar (via Food52): Fill your container with white vinegar, allow it to sit for at least three minutes, dump the vinegar, and wash with soap and water.

Another easy hack? Newspaper! Just place a crumpled piece in your washed and dried container, attach the lid, and let it sit at least overnight, advises Kitchn. Similarly, you can try charcoal: Put a piece in the container, seal the lid, and check on it periodically until the odors have vanished.

Coffee is another odor killer. Drop some dry or wet grounds into the container, attach the lid, and wait until the offending odor is eliminated. (Of course, we can't guarantee that your container won't then smell like coffee.)

Finally, try some sunshine. Put your smelly Tupperware outdoors on a sunny day and wait for the rays to do their odor-busting work. A final tip from Food52: Before storing your Tupperware, drop in a pinch of salt to help absorb food odors. Just don't forget to dump it out before using!

Think your plastic containers are too stinky to save? Don't toss them until you try these tips.