The Pioneer Woman Says This Was The Best Gift Her Husband Received On Valentine's Day

Ladd Drummond is a cowboy, and it's easy to think the husband of "Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond wouldn't soften up much over a Hallmark holiday like Valentine's Day. But there's one sure way to this hard-bitten rancher's heart, any day of the year.

Ladd and Ree Drummond's 21-year-old daughter Paige came home from college at the University of Arkansas on February 14 to help around the ranch (via People). The record-breaking snowstorm and cold snap that struck the Great Plains all the way down to south Texas arrived that same day (via Tulsa World). Ree Drummond posted a photo on Instagram on Valentine's Day showing her daughter Paige smiling and not seeming to mind the cold as she sat on some bales of hay between chores at the family ranch outside Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

"Paige came home to feed cattle, put out hay, and chop ice to help the cattle get through this (awful — ugh!) winter spell," Ree Drummond wrote on her Instagram account @thepioneerwoman. "Hands down the best Valentine's Day gift Ladd has ever received."

The Pioneer Woman's daughter was ready to help out

Paige Drummond added her own post to Instagram, sitting in the driver's seat of a ranch truck (we're guessing it's not a Prius, anyhow) wearing a cowboy hat and work gloves. "Came home on Valentine's Day to help out on the ranch," Paige confirmed in the caption to her post. "I'm my dad's favorite son."

We can only assume Paige said this for humorous effect, playing off the stereotypes people have about male and female roles in rural life. Paige does not list pronouns on Instagram, but the "favorite son" comment was most likely a dig at her little brothers, Bryce and Todd.

Speaking of, where were Bryce and Todd Drummond over the weekend anyway? No photographs have surfaced of them breaking ice in the cows' water trough. Maybe they were helping mom Ree in the kitchen as she made one of the Pioneer Woman's favorite recipes: steak sandwiches for her hard-working husband and daughter. Steak sandwiches happen to be Ladd's favorite (via The Pioneer Woman blog), so it would have been a sweet Valentine's Day gesture.