This Vegan Pasta Combines 2 TikTok Trends

Unless you've been living under a rock, and no judgment if you have, you've probably seen the many viral TikTok food trends that have made their way around the Internet. From egg sandwich hacks to three-ingredient cloud bread to Dalgona coffee and whipped hot chocolate, TikTok has shown itself as just as much a destination for the latest food trends as it is for the latest dance moves and beauty tips. One of the most recent viral recipes that has everyone drooling and testing at home is a twist on the fan-favorite baked feta pasta dish

Per TODAY, the original recipe actually hit the Internet waves in 2019 when a food blogger from Finland named Jenni Häyrinen introduced the online world to what she called "Uunifetapasta" garnering over 3 million views. What is it? Well, to be succinct, this dish takes a brick of feta, places it in a pan with tomatoes and garlic, and bakes it. Mix your pasta into this salty, cheesy, tomato mix and you have yourself one savory and delicious meal. Cue the applause because it really is a flavorful dish. Now, other food bloggers are kicking this recipe up a notch by incorporating another TikTok trend and making it plant-based it for those who follow a vegan diet.

Swap out the feta for silken tofu

Vegan foodies have been sharing their alternative recipes to this TikTok baked feta cheese pasta and they sound a lot like the original with one slight difference. According to Vegan Easy, the "veganized" versions of this recipe are completely plant-based, done so by swapping out the feta for a marinated silken tofu — another ingredient that's been wildly popular on TikTok.

Vegan blogger Plant You shares that even though there is no cheese in her version of the baked feta cheese pasta, the tofu makes for a creamy sauce that will leave you wanting more. Jessica in the Kitchen even suggests making your own feta-style cheese by brining your tofu in a yummy marinade, noting that the end result is "tangy, salty, and perfectly cheesy."

And no worries if you don't have time to plan ahead to make your own faux cheese. There are several pre-made plant based feta-style cheeses like Nafsika's Garden feta-style block that The Viet Vegan recommends. The blogger shares that it is not only convenient, but tastes really good too. Tofu has been trending since the pandemic. According to The Washington Post, Nielsen numbers reveal tofu sales were 40 percent higher during the first half of 2020 when compared to previous numbers. This is definitely a TikTok trend to try.