Aldi Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Italian Ice Cream Cups

There's nothing better than a bite of food that transports you to a different time or place, whether that's a madeleine dipped in tea, or even a discount dessert discovered in the aisles of Aldi (via The Wall Street Journal). Luckily, this particular experience is often easily accessible, even if most of the world isn't at the moment, at least according to Instagram.

In a recent post, user @theamazingaldi showed off the store's Specially Selected Italian ice cream cups, and the post was quick to gain traction. It's easy to see why; for one thing, each ice cream cup is only 190 calories! If that's not enough to tempt you, keep in mind that there are three different delectable flavors on offer: chocolate hazelnut, pistachio, and cappuccino, and each pack only costs $3.49 (via SheKnows). A quick look at the comments shows just why this product is so popular.

What people have to say about Ald's Italian ice cream cups

You might not have spotted them before, but these ice cream cups aren't exactly new to Aldi. According to an archived post in the subreddit r/Aldi, the same product existed three years ago in a different flavor. The post reads: "This is a PSA, if you like sour desserts do yourself a favor and buy the [Specially Selected] Italian Ice lemon cream cups. They come in a two pack in fancy little cups. 10/10 and they're not huge so you don't hate yourself after. Can't comment on the other flavors but I'm sure they're great. That is all," (via Reddit). The post gained 22 upvotes and six comments before being archived. 

Luckily, the comments on @theamazingaldi's recent post reflect this same passion for the product, one reading: "These are a new favourite! Absolutely love the cappuccino and pistachio," and another: "Cappuccino was AMAZING." In fact, three different people described the ice cream as "so good." So, if you're looking for a trip to Italy that doesn't require a two-week quarantine, you can head to your local Aldi's frozen section instead.