The One Meal 35% Of People Would Want Cooked By Ina Garten

If you are a part of the Ina Garten fan club, then there's never too much information about the beloved home cook. From how she keeps her kitchen to the kinds of tools she uses, you want to know it all. While you've no doubt watched as many of her shows as possible and probably tried at least a few of her recipes, Mashed decided to take a survey of what meal you would love to have Garten cook for you. 

Over 500 Americans responded to the survey and there was one clear winner that edged out the other options. Apparently, most people would want to eat Garten's beef bourguignon, coming in at 35.32 percent. For those who are not familiar, beef bourguignon is a beef stew with vegetables like onions, mushroom, and more that is slow cooked in red wine until it is melt-in-your-mouth tender (via New York Times). However, there were two nearly tied runners-up, as well as a couple of other options people were less excited about.

These were the other meals people chose

The two runner-up meals that were neck and neck were chocolate cake and perfect roast chicken. Chocolate cake received 23.41, while roasted chicken got 22.22 percent of the vote. Garten's roasted chicken is also a favorite of her husband, Jeffrey Garten, who eats it often and said it's a dish he can't live without. The meal is so popular, there's even a rumor it helped a very famous couple get engaged. Today reported Meghan Markle said yes to Prince Harry's proposal shortly after making Garten's roasted chicken.

Rounding out the bottom of the list, were Garten's roasted potatoes with just 14.68 percent and coming in last place, was the "other" category with just 4.37 percent of the vote. Apparently, some people aren't as fond of her roast chicken. But let's be honest, you'd probably be lucky to get any one of these things made for you by Garten, so it's fun to dream.