Survey Reveals Which Burger King Secret Menu Item Fans Most Want To Try

The menus at fast food places can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you don't have time to study the options. We've all been there before, where we panic and end up ordering something totally plain and boring. The "King of Burgers" is, obviously, known worldwide for its Whoppers. While this tried-and-true burger is always a good option, sometimes you just want something a little more.

The Burger King secret menu is full of surprising options, most notably the Frings, and if you already knew what those were and didn't have to Google them... good on you. For those who didn't know, Frings are half onion rings, half fries in the same order, so you can have the best of both worlds. Some of the options seem pretty straightforward, like adding mustard to a Whopper and calling it (wait for it) the Mustard Whopper. Others, like the BK Club, take a little more finesse.

Each secret menu item might whet the appetites of some Burger King fans more than others. But which one reigns supreme as the option that fans would most like to try? Mashed decided to find out with a survey. And a whopping 504 people in the U.S. participated.

People really want to try the Burger King BLT

The most coveted Burger King secret menu item, according to the survey conducted by Mashed, was the Burger King BLT. More than a fifth (22.62 percent) of 504 total respondents said this was the item they most wanted to try. Simply ask for some bacon on your Whopper, and boom, BLT (via Secret Menus). Second place is a tie between the Rodeo Burger - the ever-elusive, on-again-off-again menu item that Burger King loves to taunt us with – and the Burger King Club, with both at 19.05 percent. The BK Club requires ordering an original chicken sandwich and adding bacon, tomato, and cheese, according to Secret Menus. We won't lie, this one sounds pretty solid.

Frings comes in third place with 16.87 percent of votes, and they seem like a great option if you're feeling picky and can't make the commitment to onion rings or fries. Lastly, with 9.33 percent, was the Mustard Whopper, which honestly just seems a little sad for a secret menu item. Simply request mustard instead of mayo, and there you have it (via Hack the Menu). If you noticed that doesn't add up to 100 percent, it's because the remaining 13 percent of respondents chose "other." What secret menu items did they list? It's a secret (duh). Next time you have a hankering for some Burger King, maybe take one of these secret menu items for a spin and live life on the edge a little.