Why Bobby Flay Likes To Grill Citrus For Vinaigrettes

Iron Chef and master of the grill Bobby Flay is always offering fans tips and tricks on how to cook and enjoy our food to the fullest. When he traveled to Italy with Giada De Laurentiis for their series Bobby and Giada in Italy, Flay shared the secret to perfect pizza. The chef has also given us amazing tips for grilling burgers, taught us how to get the most out of shallots, helped us stop overcooking our steaks, and even revealed the secret ingredient he uses to improve his meals

Now Flay is sharing another tip and this time it's all about preparing a delicious homemade vinaigrette. The television star and cookbook author says the trick is to grill your citrus fruit before you add it to your vinaigrette.

Grilling gives the fruit a smoky flavor

During an episode of Food Network's Grill it with Bobby Flay where the star was preparing his riff on Chicken Cordon Bleu, Flay noted that he likes to grill his lemons before he adds them to his vinaigrette. Why the extra step? Flay claims it adds a smoky flavor to the fruit, not to mention it makes it juicier (via YouTube). What about grilling makes your citrus so juicy? King Arthur Baking explains that the high temperature of the grill releases moisture, causing the fruit's sugars to concentrate. 

But Flay is not the only one who is a fan of grilling fruit before extracting the juices. The Kitchn shares that grilled citrus is also a game-changer for cocktails, and if you want to add a caramel flavor to your lemons and limes, you can dip them in a little sugar before you place them on your open fire. When it comes time to juice your fruit though, a word to the wise, wait until it has cooled down a little so you don't burn your fingers.