Delicious Potluck Desserts To Bring To Any Get-Together

Getting together with family and friends is the highlight of the week, and not just during the holidays. But slowing down and catching up can bring up one important issue, no matter the time of year: What's for dinner?

When everybody has to be well-fed, one of the better choices you can make is to have dessert. Lots and lots of dessert. And that's why a potluck is a great idea. Each guest or family takes care of one dish, and then everyone at the get-together gets to enjoy a whole spread with all kinds of tasty options. Of course, you're going to have plenty of mac and cheese dishes, salads, and maybe even a few types of meat. But wait...what about the sweet stuff?

If you're in charge of the dessert tray, then you've come to the right place. We at Mashed have gathered some of our favorite dessert recipes that are perfect for potlucks and have put them all in one place to make life easier for us all. If you're trying to feed a whole crew, you're sure to love these easy but impressive ideas. Whether you want to go all out with a sheet cake or want to keep it a bit simpler with some churros, these treats will be a hit no matter the occasion — and your friends and family will be truly impressed.

Copycat Costco sheet cake is a potluck classic for any occasion

Are you the type who is always trying to make a Costco run? We can't blame you. After all, there are so many treats that are perfect for sharing with family and friends there (or for enjoying by yourself at the food court in the front). But if you don't have time for a warehouse shopping trip at the moment, you can just as easily make a Costco-style treat at home instead. This copycat Costco sheet cake will save you the trip, and you'll be amazed at just how much it looks like it came from Costco's bakery. And because of its large size, it's perfect for sharing. Everyone is going to be happy that you showed up with this sweet treat.

Cookie cake that everyone at the potluck will love

We all love a good cake, but maybe you're more of a cookie person. Well, you don't have to whip up several batches of cookies just to get that sweet flavor you crave. Why not just make this cookie cake instead? We love this cookie cake recipe because it's unbelievably easy and comes together in no time at all — in fact, you'll be done in under 40 minutes. And when you add frosting and sprinkles on top, it will look just as amazing as it tastes. What are you waiting for? Try this recipe tonight, get-together or not.

You can't go wrong with brownies at the potluck

If you want to stick with the classics, baking the best brownies on the internet is the perfect idea. Brownies are rich and fudgy, which makes them the perfect dish to end an evening with. And since they are so simple to make, you don't need a ton of ingredients to throw them together. In fact, you might have everything you need for this brownies recipe in your kitchen already.

One thing you don't want to skip out on, though? The chocolate chips. The chocolate chips in this recipe give these brownies the perfect texture, with that rich, chocolate-y taste that you love. And nobody has to know that you snuck a few while you were mixing them into the batter.

Aldi 5-ingredient bread pudding is an easy potluck go-to

Now it's time for some desserts that are slightly less conventional. If you're looking for a dessert dish that will truly blow your guests away, it's time to try our recipe for Aldi 5-ingredient bread pudding. If you have an Aldi nearby, you'll be able to find these ingredients easily in no time. However, even if you don't shop at Aldi on a regular basis, you can likely find the same kinds of ingredients from any local grocery store that's in your area. Plus, the fact that this recipe only requires five ingredients makes it one of the most budget-friendly options out there, if you happen to be pinching pennies.

Cake pops for potluck guests of all ages

Sometimes, you want to make a dish that's pretty much guaranteed to make people smile. When that's what you're looking for, these cake pops may just be your answer. They taste just like cake, but their presentation is super pretty and perfect if you're trying to feed a large group of people. Basically, you make a ball out of cake, put it on a stick, and then dip it on something delicious. These are sure to be a hit at any potluck you decide to attend.

No-bake peanut butter bars will make potluck dessert a cinch

This recipe comes with a caveat. If you're going to be feeding a lot of people you don't know or people who you know have a peanut allergy, this may not be the best dessert for you to bring to a potluck. But if you know that nobody has allergy issues, you can guarantee that these no-bake peanut butter bars are going to disappear from the table in no time at all. Even though they're as easy as can be to make, they have a pretty appearance that makes them ideal for when you're trying to impress a crowd.

Cherry pecan bread pudding will impress everyone at the potluck

If you can't get enough of the Aldi bread pudding above, you may want to try something that's similar but with a bit of a twist. That's why you should check out this cherry pecan bread pudding. Cherries give this dessert the perfect tart flavor that breaks up all that sweetness, and the pecans add the ideal texture to the otherwise-soft treat. While this is a sweet dessert, it's not overwhelmingly sweet. If you're feeding mostly adults at your event, there is a good chance that this is going to be the preferred dessert on the dessert table. Time to give it a try for yourself.

Churros are guaranteed to liven up the potluck

Churros are Spain's answer to donuts, and it's hard not to love the famous treat. They're great on their own, especially when straight out of the fryer, but they're more famously dipped in various ingredients like chocolate or caramel. You may think that this is a treat you can only have when you take a trip abroad or if you're visiting a local ethnic neighborhood, but that doesn't have to be the case with this churros recipe, which will surely be a hit during your next potluck. They may seem tricky to make, but once you get a handle on the process, you can prepare a huge batch for your next get-together, with toppings on hand for guests to customize their own.

Copycat Girl Scout Do-Si-Dos will be a potluck delight

Everyone has a favorite Girl Scout cookie. For many people, it's the famous Thin Mints. For others, the Samoas are always the way to go. But if you're different, you might prefer the popular Do-Si-Dos. These round cookies with a cream filling are just as delicious but a bit less rich than other Girl Scout cookies out there. And if the cookies aren't available in your neighborhood, you can just make something similar for your next potluck, which is where this copycat Girl Scout Do-Si-Dos recipe comes in. You may not believe it, but a batch of these takes just 30 minutes from start to finish.

Flourless chocolate cake will upgrade any potluck

If you want to offer something different to your potluck guests, it's time to give this flourless chocolate cake a try. Even though this dish may not contain a ton of carbs, keep in mind that it's very rich — you're going to use a lot of butter in the process of making it. It comes together in just 45 minutes, and when you're done, you'll have a cake that's going to impress everyone at the potluck, while adding an upscale touch. But watch out: People are probably going to ask for it anytime there's an event from now onward.