Here's Why Chopped 420 Host Ron Funches Calls Himself A Junk Food Scientist

Comedian Ron Funches is set to host a new, cannabis-inspired, Discovery + show, Chopped 420, and we challenge to find a soul on earth better suited to the position. In fact, so does Funches, who told the New York television channel, Pix 11"I couldn't even have dreamed having a job this perfect for me, this perfect for my personality. I love to host things, I love marijuana, I love food, I love showcasing new people."

Funches knows what he's in for. The Trolls actor has a solid track record on reality cooking shows. Other than being a former, and quickly eliminated Chopped contestant, himself, Funches recently guest-judged Nailed It! Double Trouble, making headlines by declaring, "I love a good hot mess" (via The Spool). Cooking show experience aside, the comedian most certainly isn't lying when he says that he loves food. Between 2015 and 2019, the Funches dropped more than 140 pounds by changing his diet and exercise regimen (via Sporkful). Before that, he was the de facto king, and a self-declared scientist of junk food.

The surprising junk foods Ron Funches used to mix

In 2015, while beginning his weight-loss journey, Ron Funches talked to Conan O'Brien and rued the day he started eating oatmeal (via Youtube). "I used to be so inventive," Funches joked. "I would mix like Kix cereal with Nutella or like Burger King with McDonald's ... I was just like a scientist." While Funches may have been a fan of both BK and Mickey D's, his absolute favorite fast food item, the one he made contestants recreate on Fast Foodies, is Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich (via AV Club). You can thank us for that nugget of information, later.

Back to Chopped 420. Who better than a junk food scientist to host the show?  Yes, before you ask, Funches does get to eat the cannabis-infused food that contestants cook when no one's looking. And no, it's not all "cookies, and brownies, and Krispie treats," according to what Funches told Pix 11. Tune in, and you'll see contestants making "healthy foods" too.