Why Duff Goldman Never Practices Before A Baking Demo

Duff Goldman is a superstar cake baker. His creative creations can wow us with artistry, tempt us as the tower into the sky, and absolutely make our mouths water (if only TV came with smell-o-vision). While Goldman consistently wows us with out-of-this-world cakes, he's actually just a down-to-earth human himself. It's for this reason that Goldman never practices before his live demos. 

Speaking on Dennis Miller's "Dennis Miller + One" show, the celebrity baker describes his philosophy, "Part of sort of my whole shtick is like, whenever I do like a live demo ... I mess up all the time. Never on purpose, but like I'm constantly making mistakes. And like, when I do live demos, for example, like what I do is I actually pick things that I've never made before" (via Portable TV).

In an approach that differs from many other celebrity chefs and artists, Goldman doesn't practice his exact dish over and over again until it's perfect. You can think of his live shows as more of his own, personal cooking challenge – much as you would experience if you were to try and cook at home along with him.

Duff makes mistakes like the rest of us

It's all about adding a human element to his food. Goldman continues to describe to Miller (via Portable TV), "Then that way, I'm going to be on stage like literally thinking about how do I put this thing together ... Then people see, 'Oh wait, this is Duff. This guy is on TV and he's making mistakes left and right.' It helps people understand things happen and it's okay."

Cooking has been a lifelong passion for the celebrity chef. He's known for his professional creations and also his tips for at-home bakers. One area where you can see his genuine passion for teaching the art and inspiring new bakers is in his work with kids. In an interview with Insider, the "Kids Baking Championship" judge shares more: "That's the great thing about baking. I always tell kids that you can be really good at it your very first time and spend the rest of your life getting better at it. It never gets boring" (via Insider). Baking is clearly a lifelong learning process, with sweet rewards.