Only 9% Of People Think This Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Milkshake

Eating ice cream on the go is hard, but fortunately, milkshakes are a delicious option for a mess-free ice cream experience that's easy to sip on if you're out and about, with the added bonus of fitting perfectly in the cup holder of your car. They're available at nearly every fast food restaurant you can think of, meaning you likely won't have too far of a drive when your sweet tooth starts calling – though you may be more satisfied if you order the treat from one establishment over the other.

A recent survey by Mashed asked 655 individuals to name which fast food restaurant has the best milkshake, and let's just say that if your only option is a Jack in the Box, you may want to keep on driving. The California-based chain's milkshakes earned the lowest number of votes in our survey, being dubbed the best by only 4.12% of respondents, or 27 people. Wendy's earned the second-lowest number of votes in our poll with 8.4% (though who would be choosing a milkshake over the restaurant's signature Frosty treats?) while In-N-Out followed closely behind with only 9.16% of respondents naming their milkshakes the best. (Perhaps not everyone discovered what might be the best way to order an In-N-Out shake: Neapolitan-style.)

Sonic is a great place for a milkshake, but still not the best

Many Five Guys locations offer handspun milkshakes and even give patrons the option of mixing bacon into their ice cream drink (via Five Guys), but their version of the dessert still didn't compare to the ones offered at other fast food chains. Only 11.6 percent of respondents to our survey, or 76 people, said that the fast-casual burger joint served up the "best" milkshake. Surprisingly, McDonald's came in at only one percent higher, with 12.67% of respondents, or 83 people, voting their milkshakes (technically just shakes) number one.

Sonic features an ever-evolving list of milkshake options from the classics like chocolate and vanilla to more decadent flavors like Oreo cheesecake and banana pudding, the latter of which Restaurant Business reports will be available later this summer, which could be why one in five respondents named them the fast food establishment that makes the best milkshakes. But despite earning a total of 20% of the votes, the chain still only came in second place in Mashed's poll.

Head to Dairy Queen when you're craving a delicious milkshake

So what's the best fast food restaurant to head to when your milkshake craving hits? That would be Dairy Queen, according to our survey respondents, 223 of whom named the chain the "best" place to go for the creamy drink.

This may come as a surprise, since these days the restaurant is widely known for the upside-down handoff of its Blizzard treats. However, the milkshake has been cemented on the DQ menu for far longer. According to Dairy Queen, both shakes and malts were added to the menu in 1949, meaning they've had over 50 years to perfect the treat, while the Blizzard has only been available since 1985.

Like Sonic, Dairy Queen also features an extensive milkshake menu with options to satisfy any craving and frequently adds seasonal flavors for shake connoisseurs to indulge in. Last fall, for example, the restaurant offered a Pumpkin Cookie Butter Shake, and they currently have a selection of chip shakes on their menu for spring that is available in mint, raspberry, and choco hazelnut varieties. But while 34.05% of survey respondents dubbed Dairy Queen's milkshakes the best around, it might be best to skip sipping on one every day so as to avoid any potential health risks.