Jeff Mauro's Transformation Is Turning Heads

Best known as "The Sandwich King," Jeff Mauro has garnered quite the following over the 10 years since he won Season 7 of "Food Network Star" in 2011 and walked away with his own Food Network show (via Distractify). On his self-titled series, the Chicago chef is famous for recreating some of the most mouth-watering sandwiches across the country, from Philly cheesesteaks to crab cake sliders. "You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal," he told Food Network. But now Mauro is in the spotlight for another reason: his impressive 50-pound weight loss.

In a Facebook post, Mauro showed off his slimmer body, saying, "Normally, I'm not this showy of my dadbod, but I am proud of my fitness journey and cannot thank my coaches ... enough for giving me a fitness home." How did he do it? The 43-year-old has been very transparent about the process, stressing that it wasn't a quick fix or crash diet, but rather hard work and dedication.

It took years of healthy eating and Crossfit

Jeff Mauro knows that nothing good ever comes easy — including weight loss. According to the same Facebook post, which was originally shared by Mauro's Crossfit gym, O'Hare Crossfit in Chicago, the chef can credit his new physique to "the combination of OCF workouts and a sensible, monitored diet." The caption adds that this "healthy, sustainable" method of losing weight is also what allowed Mauro to keep the weight off as well (which tends to be the hardest part). While Mauro didn't share his exact diet, the Sandwich King has started posting pictures of salads alongside his sandwiches on social media.

Being a chef surrounded by deliciously tempting food all day, every day, had to have been a challenge, which is another reason why Mauro's transformation is so inspiring. "Although it wasn't easy, if he could do it, anyone can," O'Hare Crossfit reminds its followers, many of whom are cheering on Jeff as he continues living a new healthier lifestyle.