Here's Who Redditors Would Want To Replace Ted Allen On Chopped

As one of the most popular food-based shows on television, "Chopped" has been making waves since 2007, according to IMDB. On each episode, the show's participants are required to work with a number of various ingredients (some included in mystery baskets) to prepare an impressive three-course meal that earns praise and feedback from the judges on the show. There are three rounds in all, and it's an exciting contest, to say the least.

The show's host, Ted Allen is also a well-known TV personality and cookbook author who has also appeared on hit shows like "Iron Chef" and "Queer Eye." According to the Food Network, Allen is very open-minded when it comes to food and is comfortable trying new things while cooking. As per Eater, Allen definitely considers "Chopped" to be one of his biggest breaks and thinks that it has helped his career immensely. However, when it comes to the show and its rabid fan base, some think that other celebrities could give Allen a run for his money when it comes to who should host it — if Allen were to ever leave.

"Chopped" fans have a couple of favorites they think should host

A "Chopped" fan posed the question on Reddit of who should take over hosting duties if an opening ever happened on "Chopped." Some even went as far as to say several popular food personalities could be better hosts. The list was expansive with suggestions including Katie Lee, Graham Elliot, Jet Tila, Justin Warner, Scott Conant, and more. Many Redditors piped in that Warner in particular could be a really good addition to "Chopped." As one user wrote, "I would love Justin to do it. Hopefully they won't be replacing Ted any time soon, though." Another fan agreed and opined that Warner is impressive and well-spoken.

Others also expressed their admiration for chef Jet Tila. As one fan said, "Jet is poised and relatable." However, someone else said that they personally love Ted Allen. They wrote,"I have never read or heard a bad thing about him. He is slightly awkward in a most endearing way. 'Chopped' would not be the same [without] him."