The Truth About Aloha Plate From Great Food Truck Race: All Stars

On June 6, "The Great Food Truck Race" comes back with its All-Stars season, which will feature winners from past seasons. There's a lot we know about "The Great Food Truck Race: All-Stars"  generally, but let's dive in a little deeper into who's competing this season. Do you remember Aloha Plate? They were the winner of Season 4, beating out the food truck Tikka Tikka Taco. 

Aloha Plate is run by brothers Lanai and Adam Tabura and their friend Shawn Felipe, and according to Star Advertiser, Felipe originally signed up for "The Great Food Truck Race" audition without telling Lanai and Adam first. From Aloha Plate's Facebook page, Adam Tabura is a chef, Lanai Tabura has been on TV and radio, and Felipe is a comedian. Felipe told Food Network that they've never worked together in a kitchen before, but that didn't stop them from taking home the prize of $50,000.

What is Aloha Plate's food all about?

Wondering where Aloha Plate's dishes come from? According to Hawaii Magazine, their dishes are often inspired by what the owners' parents and grandparents used to cook. Hawaii Magazine explains how Aloha Plate actually landed its original spot on "The Great Food Truck Race" by cooking braised beef loco moco, and this was a recipe from Lanai and Adam Tabura's mother. During an exit interview with Food Network, Adam Tabura said, "Hawaii's flavors were created by all the ethnicities that surround the pacific, so I tried to keep that flavor profile along with familiar dishes we grew up with."

In the same interview, Lanai said, "Everyone wants something from Hawaii. If you have never been to our islands, the curiosity to try our foods is always there. It was the one feeling that I will take with me forever. Being in the front of the truck meeting the people, one of the common comments we got was 'mahalo for bringing us together.' That's what aloha and our culture is about. We share our food to bring people together." 

Keep an eye out for Aloha Plate once "The Great Food Truck Race: All-Stars" begins airing soon, and if you want to follow the food truck more closely, their truck will be on the streets of San Francisco, according to their Instagram.