Trader Joe's Shoppers Are So Disappointed By Its New Tangy Turtles Gummies

Trader Joe's is usually the place where cult favorites are made, but it's not always the case, especially with its latest candy offering. Based on shoppers' reactions, Trader Joe's Tangy Turtles might need to go back under the sea. While some were hoping that these fun-shaped gummies would be the perfect summer staple, it appears the new tart and sweet treat did not live up to expectations.

According to Instagram account @TraderJoesList, these Tangy Turtles are supposed to be a tart and tangy gummy candy, not unlike peach rings. But when the poster asked its community of followers how the turtles stacked up against Swedish Fish, a quick glance at the comments shows many unhappy shoppers. Characterizing them as "bland," "bad," and even having a "chemical aftertaste," the majority of reviews were downright negative.

On the @Mrs_TraderJoes instagram account, her 4/10 review was quite telling, reporting that these candies were too big to bite into, had an unpleasant texture, and "no tartness at all." Some comments on her post also referred to a "tingly" sensation on the tongue after eating. It's a marked difference from the chain's other gummy candies that the original poster highly praised, noting TJ's "dropped the ball on this [one]."

People love Trader Joe's other gummy candies

While many shoppers enjoy trips to Trader Joe's looking for the newest, greatest finds, there's so many beloved food options that bring people back time and again. Gummy candies have long been one of those items. Although sometimes new treats like the Tangy Turtles might miss the mark, many of the other sweets have shoppers buying more than one bag.

As one example, the Scandinavian Swimmers always seem to be a hit. While the shapes have people wanting to dive in, the flavors keep them coming back in big waves. From the huckleberry dolphins to the mango peach seahorses, each chewy candy is a big hit. Even the bag's berry lobsters were spun off into its own single flavor package. There's also the popular Super Sour Scandinavian Swimmers, with some shoppers drawn to these gummies because they are vegan (per Business Insider). Whether the reason is the ingredients, the flavor, or the shapes, Trader Joe's gummy candies continue to satisfy that sweet tooth craving — and hopefully the next new offering will fare better than the Turtles.