50% Agree That These 2 Chain Restaurants Have The Best Specialty Cocktails

While you may not find "cocktail anxiety" listed in any medical textbook, it's nevertheless a condition that many of us suffer from on occasion. After all, when you walk into a bar, it's always a little embarrassing never being entirely sure what mixed drinks are acceptable to order. If you ask for something too complicated, is the bartender going to laugh at you? Or maybe they'll be sneering if you go too basic, or somehow you'll otherwise incur their ire by ordering a drink they simply don't approve of. Unless the establishment comes right out and signals its specialties somehow — for instance, the actual name of the bar is Martini Lounge or Mai Tais'R'Us — you may get so stressed out you wind up just ordering a beer instead.

One thing we love best about chain restaurants is the fact that many of them have actual cocktail menus that not only spell out the ingredients in each drink, but have big, glossy photos to boot! This way, you know any drink on the menu should be safe to order, and even if you can't pronounce the name, you can always just point to the picture. To determine which major chain restaurant serves the best speciality cocktails, Mashed polled 649 people in the US to get their take. After counting up the votes, there seemed to be a surprising tie for the top spot.

Two popular restaurants were voted as having the best cocktails

The choices that poll respondents had to pick from included six different restaurants. In alphabetical order, the list included Applebee's, Chili's, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, and The Cheesecake Factory. The establishment receiving the least amount of votes was Olive Garden with 8.78% of the share — but that's ok, since wine goes better with unlimited pasta, anyway. Outback scored only a tiny bit higher, with 9.24%, and Chili's was middle of the pack with 13.41% of the votes. Surprisingly, Applebee's with its $1 cocktails, pulled just 18.95% of the votes to take the number-three spot though we'd have pegged them for a higher ranking based on their drinks' budget-friendly feature alone.

So who were the two winners? Both The Cheesecake Factory and TGI Fridays each brought in 24.81% of the vote. Sadly for Fridays fans, that chain has been struggling for a while now, but The Cheesecake Factory seems to be as popular as ever for their food as well as their booze.