Chef's Table Season 7: Info We Know So Far

There are so many great cooking shows out there, from "Chopped" to "Top Chef." If competitions aren't your speed, there are still plenty of great shows out there that explore food. If you love travel shows and Anthony Bourdain's shows, then "Chef's Table" might be a show to add to your watch list, if you haven't checked it out already. "Chef's Table" is a documentary series on Netflix, and it follows a different chef each episode, usually one who works in an acclaimed restaurant or has garnered attention for their culinary innovation. Throughout the episode, a chef will talk about their cooking techniques and philosophies, and often, there's travel involved.

There's also been "Chef's Table: BBQ," where professionals like pitmaster Rodney Scott showed off their skills. The Netflix description of the show mentions that "Chef's Table" has been nominated for an Emmy, so audiences are in for a high-quality viewing experience. If you're ready for more, there's good news. "Chef's Table" has been renewed for two more seasons, and though there are still a lot of unknowns about the latest season, here's what we know about "Chef's Table" Season 7 so far.

When does Season 7 come out and how many episodes are there?

While we've known about "Chef's Table" Season 7 for a while now, there isn't a definite release date yet. According to Food and Wine, Netflix actually announced Season 7 and Season 8 of the show in May of 2019. Trinikid explains that some people expected Season 7 to come out sometime in 2020, and some have speculated that the season is delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic — a common fate for many movies and TV, including shows like "Hell's Kitchen," which doesn't require as much travel as a show like "Chef's Table" does.

As for how many episodes will be included in season 7, that's also up in the air for viewers. While the first three seasons of the show (which started in 2015) had six episodes of a little less than an hour each, seasons 4 to 6 only have four episodes. "Chef's Table: BBQ," which was released in 2020, and "Chef's Table: France," from 2016, had four episodes, so there could be a chance that the show has shifted to a shorter season.

Who are the chefs on Chef's Table Season 7?

Unfortunately, there's not much information out about the chefs who will be spotlighted on the upcoming season of "Chef's Table," nor is there much out there about the locations where Season 7 will take place. The Cinemaholic only says that "Season 7 is expected to introduce us to a whole new group of talented chefs from across the globe," but no specific names are mentioned, and Netflix hasn't dropped any teasers yet either.

As usual, we expect to see each episode focus on a chef. Viewers will get to go in-depth with them; they'll learn about their background and history, get to know some of their signature dishes, and watch them showcase their unique culinary knowledge. The number of chefs will depend on the season, so viewers get to know a few chefs more intimately — one of the benefits of a non-competitive cooking show.

What do the plot and locations look like?

Since there isn't a trailer for the seventh season of "Chef's Table" yet, we also don't know what locations we'll be able to see, and we aren't sure what big moments for chefs might look like in each episode. In previous seasons, "Chef's Table" has gone to Italy, Thailand, Peru, and more. Multiple episodes have also featured chefs and restaurants in the United States; last season premiered with the spotlight on Mashama Bailey, who runs the restaurant The Grey in Savannah, Georgia (via Eater). There's also been a special version of the show, "Chef's Table: France," which focused specifically on that one country.

We can only hope that Netflix decides to share a little more information with us soon, but we do know that Season 7 will be coming to screens eventually. Can't wait until Season 7 of Chef's Table comes out? In the meantime, you can catch up on (or rewatch!) the previous seasons of the show on Netflix.