Wolfgang Puck Just Posted This Heartwarming Video With His Son On His Birthday

Wolfgang Puck has had a long and storied history in the culinary world. From his famous Spago restaurant on Sunset Blvd., where everyone would go to see and be seen during its heyday in the 1980s, to his au current Beverly Hills Spago location to catering soirees for Hollywood's A-listers, Puck has seen it all and cooked for everyone in the process. And it appears all those trade secrets and skills are being passed down to his progeny.  Per People Magazine, Puck made the 2016 Oscars a family affair by having his sons help make food for the Governor's Ball. Puck's son Alexander shared that he peeled carrots. Another son, Oliver, was responsible for the chicken pot pies on the evening's menu.

Fast-forward to the present, and Oliver is still helping his dad in the kitchen. Daddy Puck posted a message on Instagram sharing that his Beverly Hills steakhouse Cut is open and ready for business while paying tribute to Oliver on his 16th birthday. Puck wrote, "I'm so excited to have my Michelin Star restaurant, @cutbeverlyhills, reopen! I'm here with my son, Oliver, making some steaks! It is also his birthday today! Happy birthday #16 #cutbeverlyhills." Sweet, right? But the message is only part of the tribute. It's really the heartwarming video Puck posted to Oliver that will leave you smiling.

Birthday steaks

The celebrity chef opens the Instagram video standing next to his son Oliver, both Pucks wearing aprons and holding up tomahawk chops. The elder Puck says, "Cut is back and you can get the best steaks in the world right here again." Then the camera moves to Puck seasoning a rather large tomahawk steak, whereupon he shares, "We are seasoning our tomahawk with some fresh cracked pepper and a good amount of sea salt." He then calls to his son, "Ollie are you ready?"  

Oliver responds with an affirmative "Yes sir," and daddy Puck instructs him to put the steak on the grill. Wolfgang Puck continues to cook the tomahawk, proclaiming the smell of the meat cooking reminds him of the South of France or Provence because it smells so delicious. We aren't certain about the smell – limitations of video – but it certainly looks succulent. 

The James Beard Lifetime Achievement winner then places this steak in sizzling, melted butter with what looks like thyme, bathing the slab of meat in this buttery bath. Oliver sweetly asks his dad, "Can we eat it now?" Truth be told, we were wondering the same thing. Wolfgang says he can tell that it's good and rare, the way he likes it as he's cutting up the steak and spooning a little of that butter bath over it along with some more sea salt. It looks delish and we hope Oliver had a happy birthday eating it!