Guy: Hawaiian Style: Release Date, Episodes, And More - What We Know So Far

Obviously, we're always on board for whatever new adventure Guy Fieri is chasing. We recently discovered some of the juicy details of his newest endeavor, a tropical miniseries titled "Guy: Hawaiian Style," and to say we're excited is an understatement. (Perhaps you caught a glimpse of what might be in store when Fieri's interview with USA Today came out earlier this year, teasing an upcoming Hawaii trip for the mayor of Flavortown.)

One thing is for certain: Guy Fieri is nothing if not busy. But despite knowing how many projects he's got going on at once, it seems the Hawaiian limited series has been kept largely on the DL. Up until recently, the star chef's Twitter was full of advertising for his live stream special, "Guy's Restaurant Reboot," which raised money for grants to help those struggling in the restaurant industry. The chef also did a ton of promo for the summer season of "Guy's Grocery Games" (via Twitter). Finally, we got a little teaser for the show from Guy Fieri himself, tweeting a photo of him and his family, looking ready to tackle some serious scuba diving.

What is the release date of Guy: Hawaiian Style?

Don't fear, we don't have to wait too long for the new, tropical adventures of Guy Fieri and his family. The series will be released in four parts and will be available on the Discovery+ streaming service beginning Saturday, August 28th. That's still plenty of time to enjoy all the Hawaiian vibes while summer comes to a close! You can even get more into the Hawaiian mood (and who knows, maybe win the trip of a lifetime), as Fieri has cleverly teamed up with King's Hawaiian Bakery to offer a culinary Hawaiian getaway for one lucky winner.

"Guy: Hawaiian Style" is being produced by Citizen Pictures, a longtime partner-in-crime for many of Fieri's exciting projects, including "Guy's Family Road Trip," "Guy's Family Reunion," "Guy's Family Cruise," "Guy Fieri's Cuban Adventure," and "Guy & Hunter's European Vacation" (via Real Screen). So we know it's definitely going to be a good time and well done at that!

Who will appear on Guy: Hawaiian Style?

Since the adventures of "Guy: Hawaiian Style" are part of a family-focused trip, the whole Fieri family will be enjoying what island life has to offer. Guy's wife, Lori, and two sons, Hunter and Ryder, along with nephew Jules, are all expected to be large parts of the show. We're sure the adventurous nature of the boys will keep the family busy with exciting and even adrenaline-filled fun. We're also pretty jealous of Hunter and Ryder getting to grow up with insanely good food, a chef for a dad, and having epic family vacations left and right — what a life!

It's also pretty likely that we'll be seeing some of Fieri's famous friends throughout the adventure, too — but it's mostly TBD on who makes a surprise appearance! As for educated guesses, we know Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar are longtime buddies, so a cameo from Hagar on a scuba trip or poke sampling wouldn't necessarily surprise us. However, it's definitely been confirmed that Fieri will join Mick Fleetwood at one of his restaurants in Maui to sample some dishes.

What will happen in Guy: Hawaiian Style?

A recent press release for the upcoming "Guy: Hawaiian Style" series divulges that Guy Fieri will be traveling with his family across the Hawaiian Islands to learn more about Hawaiian culture, tradition, and of course, all the very best parts about Hawaiian food. Unlike his previous and primarily food-focused adventures like those of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," Fieri and family will be exploring the four main islands in ways other than just sampling the local fare; traditional Hawaiian activities like clay shooting inside volcanoes, spearfishing, and harvesting salt will keep the Fieris busy and viewers entertained.

For the four-part series, viewers can tune in to the start of the Fieri family trip as they discover the traditions of the island of Maui. Adventures in Maui include Fieri's wife Lori and son Ryder getting their SCUBA certifications, leading to an underwater excursion of sea turtles, reef sharks, and beyond. The family will travel on to Oahu and the Big Island, with new and exciting adventures on each. And, of course, a Guy Fieri trip to Hawaii wouldn't quite be complete without a tour of pineapple farm, sampling some poke and shave ice, and an authentic luau, complete with pig roast, lei-making, and fun for all. "If Hawaii offers it, we try it," Fieri said. "We do it all, from land to sea and the best part is that viewers get to come along for the incredible adventure and experience it too."