Over 64% Would Never Buy This Aldi Brand Product

Today's society is all about living uniquely, trying the latest trendy thing, and being up on viral sensations. In the world of food, that means discovering new items ahead of the crowd and being the friend who influences other friends. Places like Aldi help with that, and as Southern Living points out, create a more enjoyable shopping experience by offering specialty items. Its grocery aisles are constantly adopting new products to accommodate the latest trends like dessert hummus, which generated buzz among shoppers.

And while some products that many find average are often underrated treasures, like the Irish butter, Aldi brand chocolates, and affordable organic products, others don't quite hit the mark with shoppers. Let's face it: Not every new item to hit the shelf can be a surefire favorite among fans. Mashed surveyed 593 people in the U.S. to find out which Aldi brand items they would never buy. And the least likely item to be purchased actually makes a ton of sense.

Survey respondents want to shun the frozen sushi

Have you ever been advised against buying gas station sushi? Well, a similar sentiment might apply to the least  Aldi brand most likely to be avoided based on the survey.  Of the nearly 600 U.S. shoppers surveyed, 64.59% said they would never buy the Aldi brand frozen sushi. Why is that even a thing? 

On Reddit, some Aldi shoppers have described the frozen sushi as "not terrible" or "pretty gross." One commenter noted that their wife "absolutely hated it" and couldn't make it past three pieces (there are 15 pieces in a pack, according to the Aldi website).

Other disliked items had significantly fewer votes. These included Aldi brand soda (9.44%), frozen pizza (9.27%), coffee (7.25%), chips (5.90%), and cereal (3.54%). So these items may be worth giving a try before you write them off. But whatever you do, you might want to lay off the least liked item: sushi.