Olympic Swimmer Lewis Clareburt Revealed All The Food He Eats After Competing

In his recent TikTok video from Tokyo, New Zealand Olympic swimmer Lewis Clareburt shared his post competition meal from the Olympic Village. Clareburt finished seventh in the 200IM — the individual medley is a race where swimmers complete 50 meters of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle (via NZ Herald). With his Olympic competition completed, Clareburt was ready to say goodbye to this training diet and enjoy a big cheat meal. As seen in his video, he enjoys pizza, chicken tenders, French fries, dumplings, and chocolate. While the exact calorie count is unclear, it seems that the meal might be worthy of a Dwayne Johnson cheat day.

According to Swimming World Magazine, a typical swimmer's diet should consist of good carbs like rice, cereal, protein, and good fats. While good nutrition can fuel athletic performance, sometimes swimmers' eating habits have been the source of fodder during the Olympics. During a GQ interview, USA Olympic swimmer Ryan Murphy shared his typical daily eating habits. The commentary of "you eat all that" shows that the amount of food might be large, but it is fuel for athletic performance. As Insider shared a YouTuber's experience of eating the Michael Phelps 12,000 calories a day diet, the sheer volume of food is not gluttony. Instead, the calories are required to power through those grueling workouts. Lesson to be learned, if you have a swimmer in the family, your food bill might be quite substantial.

What are athletes eating in the Olympic Village?

While Olympians look to achieve greatness in their field of play, the food that they eat in the Olympic Village helps to fuel that athletic performance. According to AFP, "The village can host up to 18,000 people at a time and its cafeterias will serve up to 48,000 meals a day." In addition, the food choices include 700 menu items including "Western, Japanese and Asian, which covers Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese options." The food choices include options for an array of dietary restrictions.

On various Olympic athletes social media accounts, the food reviews have been positive. Food & Wine shared athletes' commentary like, the "best dumplings that I've ever ate." In a Time Out article, the other athletes shared their love of the fried cheese, pho noodles and more. Although the athletes many not be able to leave the Olympic Village to experience local restaurants and cuisine, it seems that the organizers have produced a feast that satisfies everyone. And, for athletes that are excited for that post-competition cheat day, it seems that there is a bountiful buffet of food ready to be enjoyed.