Can You Eat Expired Oreos?

When you're in the mood for something sweet, Oreos can really hit the spot. You can enjoy them as is, twist them open to just lick the creamy filling, or dunk them in a glass of cold milk. According to Insider, the popular chocolate sandwich cookies have been a snack staple in the United States since they were first invented in 1912. And these days, Oreos come in a lot more than just the original chocolate flavor. Plus, the sandwich cookie can be mixed and crushed into different types of foods and beverages, from birthday cakes and milkshakes to apple pie and cheesecake. 

As good as Oreos are, there's nothing worse than being in the mood for one and digging a box out of the panty only to find it's past the expiration date. Sure, as goodfood notes, some snacks and perishable foods that have surpassed the "best by" date aren't necessarily as high in quality as when you first purchased. But just how bad is it to eat expired Oreos? Turns out, it might be okay to chomp down on a few, as long as you consider a few factors.

You can eat Oreos up to a few weeks after their expiration date

Good news for anyone faced with a pack of expired Oreos! According to EatByDate, you can enjoy your cookies for up to three weeks past the "best by" or "sell by" date — provided they're in an unopened package. Prepared Cooks explains that this is because Oreos were meant to be a "shelf" product, so they contain a lot of preservatives to help them last longer. The site cautions, however, that if your package has been opened for more than two weeks, you should probably rethink eating the cookies.

How can you tell if Oreos have gone bad? EatByDate suggests that you'll know when the cookies are softer and no longer firm. That's usually a pretty good indicator the Oreos aren't of quality anymore. Men's Health also warns that if you see mold, you should toss the cookies immediately. Trust us, we understand that's a tough ask when it comes to this delicious cookie, but better safe than sorry.