Burger King's 'Hot Take' On Nuggets Leaves Twitter Divided

Burger King's no stranger to stirring things up on Twitter. Remember the time the Whopper got its own Twitter account so the burger could share its feelings over all the attention BK's Ch'King sandwich was getting? And then there was the time that Burger King UK recognized International Women's Day with a "Women belong in the kitchen" tweet that certainly elicited a huge reaction (which was the point), even though it was followed up by a mitigating challenge to the restaurant industry to employ more women chefs.

Although Wendy's has been known to serve up some Twitter sass, the snarky and usually funny Burger King outshines other fast food giants on the social media platform. Veena Ramakrishnan of the social media marketing platform Falcon summed up Burger King's Twitter game in a recent blog post: "Twitter is basically Burger King's throne ... where Burger King rightly voices out its opinion, throws shade at its competitors, asks Wendy's out to prom, and of course roasts its audience."

So when Burger King tweeted, "crown nuggets > dino nuggets" along with a pair of eyeballs giving side-eye to the statement, it no doubt did so with the goal of creating drama (and retweets) of course.

The crowns-over-dinos tweet comes three months after Burger King announced the temporary return of its nostalgic crown-shaped nuggets after a 10-year absence (via CNN Business). And the brand's followers, many of whom may have been raised on the breaded prehistoric creature-shaped chicken pieces, didn't disappoint in their responses.

Some Burger King fans defended dino nuggets

When Burger King asserted on Twitter that its crown nuggets were better than the dino nuggets that likely brightened many childhoods, that were sold frozen in grocery stores and heated up lovingly by moms everywhere, it caused a stir. "Horrible take," one fan replied to the dino-nugget disrespect. Burger King quickly responded, "i prefer the term 'hot take.'"

"You actually couldn't be more wrong," chimed in one follower, to which Burger King quipped back, "i could be actually if i wanted to." Another wrote, "How dare you insult my long-dead dino friends," to which Burger King replied: "if chickens descended from dinosaurs, doesn't that make dino nuggets inherently problematic? hi welcome to my ted talk."

Some users Twitter users bent the knee, agreeing with Burger King. "This account speaks nothing but facts," declared a supporter. Another called crown nuggets "the best," and multiple people exhorted BK to bring back them back. Even the famed toy company Mattel weighed in, tweeting that "crown nugs are elite." There were also several suggestions for Doge Nuggets. 

Perhaps the best tweets in the thread, however, suggested the nugget team at Burger King should develop a line of crown-wearing dinosaurs. Obviously, the T-rex, whose name translates to "king of the tyrant lizards" (via Live Science), should be the prime candidate for a crown fitting. It would make for an edible, best-of-both-worlds compromise. Too bad Burger King seemed to rule that out, saying of the suggestion, "but that's cheating."