Ali Khan Has Never Eaten At These Popular Fast Food Chicken Chains

Alton Brown has been shaking up the foodie world with his relatable and sometimes controversial #CulinaryTruths, and recently, Ali Khan decided to get in on the action. However, instead of sharing an unpopular-to-some opinion about a dish or ingredient, the "Cheap Eats" host fessed up to some personal truths regarding the fast food eateries in his dining repertoire, or rather, the ones that haven't yet made their way onto it. Fair warning: What you're about to read is slightly startling, so you may want to sit down.

"Some shocking but true revelations: I've never eaten at Wingstop," the host of "Food Network's Spring Baking Championship" wrote on Twitter before dropping an arguably even bigger bomb. "I've also never tried the Popeyes chicken sandwich," he added. For someone who calls themselves a "natural-born glutton" with a passion for burgers and other bang for your buck eats (via Cooking Channel), we have to say, we're pretty surprised.

Fans were shocked by Ali Khan's confessions

As you can imagine, fans were up in arms upon reading Khan's revelations and many took a moment to try and convince the chef to give them a shot. "Both are worth it. Get some!" one person responded (via Twitter), while another made a slightly more enticing argument. "Wingstop has the best 'fast food' French fries and scratch made ranch EVER. The Louisiana rub is the best seasoning. Definitely worth a try. And Popeyes chicken sandwich is a lot of bang for the buck," Twitter user @MomAllDay explained to the chef, who tweeted back that he appreciated the info they shared. Khan's admission even caught the eye of Wingstop's official Twitter account, which replied, "This must change."

We're not totally sure why the podcaster hasn't yet indulged in Wingstop or Popeyes' famed chicken sandwich. It's certainly not a distaste for poultry products, as a quick glance at the Kahn's Instagram page shows he's munched on more than a few chicken dishes in the past. It's also not the location. Both chains have multiple restaurants in Austin, Texas (via Wingstop and Popeyes), which is where the Food Network reports Khan resides. Whatever the reason, we hope Khan gets around to trying both options because, if you ask us, the grub is some of the best fast food around.