Popular Four Loko Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

The infamous malt liquor beverage known as Four Loko has been controversial since it was first released in 2005. Just the colorful camouflaged cans on their own are enough to elicit a visceral response among any drinkers who have dared to consume one. The drink brand is synonymous with college kids looking for a cheap and sugar-filled option to get drunk.

While it may have a spotty reputation, Four Loko has its perks. The caffeine-free versions come in a variety of fruity flavors that give those who aren't fans of beer or alcoholic seltzers a canned option to indulge in at a party or barbecue. Also, you can't beat the price point. And believe it or not, some of the Four Loko flavors are downright tasty. The sugary drink still has a high alcohol content, however, usually ranging somewhere from 12 to 14 percent alcohol by volume, a level that is sure to kick in an alcohol buzz after only the first few sips. 

If you're contemplating which Four Loko flavor to indulge in on a night out that won't make you sick upon drinking, you're in luck. We've decided to rank all of the current Four Loko flavors from worst to best. We've even thrown in a handful of discontinued varieties in case you happen to find a few remaining cans. Hopefully, it will save you a headache before you start drinking. Or it might help you save a few bucks rather than wasting it on an inferior flavor.

16. Sour Apple

There are more than a dozen flavors of Four Loko to choose from, including original fruity flavors, sour editions, and even some seltzers. And while some are palatable, others are a total disappointment. While a tall can of Four Loko will only cost you around $3 a pop, it's obviously not worth it to spend your money on a flavor that you'll pour down the drain: like the Sour Apple. In fact, it's arguably the worst of the bunch. Sorry if you're one of the rare folks who enjoy it, but maybe you should get your tastebuds checked if that's the case. 

While sour apple is typically a safe flavor bet when it comes to slushies and hard candies, the Four Loko version is just offensively gross. The initial smell is deceiving, as it makes you think it'll taste like a sour apple sucker or some other candy, but alas, it is a true disappointment. This flavor has a funky aftertaste that the brewers attempt to mask with syrupy sweetness, while the neon green color is severely off-putting. That's just the cherry on top of the bad batch. All told, it's worth skipping altogether, as there are far better flavors of this drink waiting for you in the store. Do your tastebuds a favor and pass the Sour Apple on by.

15. Coco Loko

Since its 2005 debut, Four Loko has tried many flavor combinations of its signature drink. Some have stuck, like the lemonade or grape varieties, while others flopped a little more dramatically and soon fell out of favor. One of those is the coconut variety of Four Loko, aptly named the Coco Loko. Aside from the clever name and cool can, the flavor wasn't exactly a hit when it debuted on the market in 2012. The brand debuted the Coco Loko with its Peach and Strawberry Lemonade flavors, according to Beverage Industry. Said flavors are significantly tastier and more popular with Loko drinkers, but the coconut was just a total miss. 

While the Coco Loko might sound like a canned version of a piña colada or a Malibu rum punch type of drink, it was staunchly artificial. Even if those flavors are your go-to, you probably would still pass on this. And considering coconut is typically a light flavor, it doesn't mask the unsavory malt liquor taste that is distinct in these canned drinks. A stronger fruit flavor hides the chemical after taste much better than this light tropical version. 

It wasn't totally surprising when Phusion Projects, the manufacturer of Four Loko, took this flavor off the market in 2014 and replaced it with the tropical-inspired Blue Hurricane flavor, according to Beverage Industry. Maybe if it was coconut mixed with pineapple it would be better, but as the original Coco Loko, it's not a flavor that we miss.

14. Red

Some flavors of Four Loko are concerningly vague. The now-discontinued "Blaze" or "Frost" flavors are just such cases, as the names give little to no indication as to the exact flavor of the drink waiting inside the can. One current flavor, the "Red", is still one of the biggest mysteries of the bunch. While the artificial "red" flavor of other snacks and drinks may be somewhat easy to guess — like cherry or strawberry, for instance — the Four Loko flavor is anything but precise. 

The taste of it most closely resembles that of a Swedish Fish or a bunch of Twizzlers packed in with a lot — seriously, a lot — of sugar. It's certainly not taking a fruit punch, cherry, or strawberry route. And we don't know about you, but liquid Swedish Fish is not exactly what we're looking for when we crack open an alcoholic beverage at a party. 

While there are mixed reviews over the Red flavor, it's a pass compared to some of the other Four Loko options. A few brave souls on the Untappd app suggest making it into a slushie, which could help dilute the sweetness with other, more complex ingredients. But when it comes to the can on its own, just skip this and pick up the Fruit Punch flavor if you're looking for a tasty red drink option. It also just feels better drinking a beverage named after an actual drink and not an ambiguous color. 

13. Sour Grape

In our admittedly well-informed opinion, anything that comes under the moniker of "grape flavor" is highly questionable. Some treats like, say, grape-flavored popsicles are palatable, especially in the haze of a hot summer day. Others, such as Kool-Aid or Jell-O, often taste like straight-up cough syrup and should be avoided in all cases. While sour grape treats like Sour Patch Kids or Pop Rocks tend to fare a bit better in the flavor department, the unfortunate truth is that Four Loko Sour Grape is still downright nasty. 

The Sour Grape variety of Four Loko is a bit misleading, actually, as the drink itself is seemingly all sugar and doesn't contain a whole lot of sour flavor at all. While its worse-ranked companion, the execrable Sour Apple, does pack a puckery punch, Sour Grape does not.

Even when compared to the original grape-flavored Four Loko, the difference isn't the typical sour flavor you'd expect. It's a strange combination that makes the drink taste like an odd and stomach-turning mixture of Robitussin and Grape Fanta, and all with that disappointing chemical taste taking center stage. It's a total pass for those adverse to grape-flavored anything and a warning signal for those who might be tempted to try it out. If anything, try the plain grape flavor first if you're absolutely dedicated to trying something grape-related from Four Loko — it's at least a bit easier to stomach. 

12. Gold

Now, to die-hard Four Loko enthusiasts, this may be a controversial placement for the elusive and often coveted Gold flavor. Some people, particularly the Four Loko connoisseurs of Reddit, are ride-or-die for the gold can. Honestly, good for them. Some people will go their entire lives without finding a Four Loko they like, so their enthusiasm should be applauded. Yet, we're forced to disagree and take what might be the road less traveled. Another one of the brand's more ambiguous flavors (what does "Gold" taste even mean?) the Gold flavor takes on the taste of a straight-up Red Bull knockoff. And while some people may prefer such a profile over the drink's fruitier siblings, it's still going to be a distinct "no" from us. 

The Four Loko Gold is a rough take on a vodka and Red Bull with all the sugar and even less alcohol than the original cocktail. It's hard to imbibe if you don't relish the flavor of energy drinks. But if you're enjoying a frosty Four Loko for the sake of nostalgia for the brand's more caffeinated days, it might be a good pick for you. 

But for those who have had a bad hangover that was fueled by vodka and Red Bull concoctions the night prior, it's an immediate stomach churner the second you put the can to your lips. There are much better options that aren't named after a color, rather than a flavor that gives any indication of what's in the can. 

11. Electric Lemonade

While the Electric Lemonade flavor of Four Loko is assuredly a reliable choice, there are much better options when it comes to both Four Loko flavors and lemonade-inspired alcohol drinks in general. Consider the fact that Mike's Hard Lemonade has been at the forefront of just such a boozy summer flavor when it comes to lemonade-inspired adult beverages. And even though the originals have significantly less alcohol than a Four Loko, a Mike's Harder is 8%. Despite the slightly lower percentage, the flavor of a Mike's Harder (along with the variety of lemonade-infused flavors put out by the competing brand) beats the Four Loko version by a long shot. 

Even a much lighter hard seltzer like Truly has a better lemonade formula, so Four Loko isn't exactly the ideal pick for lemonade lovers. You're giving up a little bit of alcohol content for a much better flavor, so it depends on what you're looking for in a drink and what kind of night you're trying to have. 

What's so bad about this particular Four Loko flavor? The Electric Lemonade Four Loko gives the double whammy of both clearly artificial lemon flavor and the signature artificial malt liquor taste that makes it tough to enjoy. If you're dead set on drinking a Four Loko that mimics lemonade, then do yourself a favor and find the Strawberry Lemonade version. It's a much better option when comparing lemonade flavors within the Four Loko brand. 

10. Grape

Even the original grape flavor just doesn't deliver in Four Loko form, much like its lower-rated sour cousin. This state of affairs isn't totally shocking when it comes to grape-flavored alcohol beverages, as they are few and far between, especially when it comes to the winner's circle. And when it comes to Four Loko's take on grape beverages, we must admit that it would be better to simply mix a grape soda with some decent vodka and call it a day. But somehow Four Loko pre-made a similar blend, put it in a can, and produced a flavor that's a total bust. 

Now, the Four Loko Grape is a bit more palatable than the Sour Grape as it's surprisingly less sugary, easing up on those of us who don't have a dedicated sweet tooth. But the cough syrup taste is strong with this one too, just as with its sour counterpart. It almost resembles a cheap, sugary red wine with an off-putting artificial taste. 

Grape flavor Four Loko is potentially palatable for people who love everything, from their candy to their sodas, to be grape flavored. But if not, you will probably be struggling to finish an entire can in one sitting. It might be another option better as a slushie, considering the flavor mimics an alcoholic version of sugary snow cone syrup. But at that point, you might as well make your own drink and skip the Four Loko altogether. 

9. Sour Mango Hard Seltzer

There's possibly no bigger trend in the alcohol universe these days than that of the spiked seltzer. The market went from White Claw and Truly to nearly every brand that began its own version of an alcoholic seltzer. Four Loko certainly wasn't going to miss that train. And true to their brand, the Four Loko seltzers have some of the highest alcohol content out of all the options on the market. Yet, the taste can be hit or miss.

The Four Loko Sour Mango Seltzer tastes like a watered-down Loko, which is somewhat of a good thing. The sugar content is severely reduced, so it doesn't make your teeth hurt or give you a major headache afterward, either. However, it's clear that the company still hasn't quite mastered the art of sour flavors. The Sour Mango still has a 12% alcohol content, but it tastes strongly of artificial ingredients and has an unsavory alcohol aftertaste to boot. The whole concept might work better with a milder fruit flavor like lime or orange, but the sweeter and less acidic mango just doesn't quite work out, not least because the mango lends a weirdly creamy texture to the drink.

8. Blue Hurricane

Another discontinued Four Loko flavor that couldn't stand the test of time is the Blue Hurricane. And it's a bit confusing as to why because, for those who were able to taste the flavor, it really wasn't all that bad of an option. The flavor took on that of a super sugary tropical energy drink, sure, but that wasn't anything surprising in the world of incredibly sweet Four Loko flavors. The Blue Hurricane had hints of pineapple, coconut, and some other unidentified artificial fruit flavors that helped it stand out from the competition. 

While the drink's neon blue hue wasn't exactly appetizing, it's one of the few Four Lokos you can stomach, at least if you happen to find some cans that have persisted since the discontinuation. However, the bright color and strong chemical smell make it less than drool-worthy before you take that first sip. So, if you somehow get your hands on one of these throwback flavors, it's best to drink it while plugging your nose and closing your eyes. It's likely why Blue Hurricane didn't remain a permanent flavor — neon blue drinks always elicit a shocked response from some drinkers, though perhaps the Four Loko crowd wasn't all that worried about it in the first place.

7. Black Cherry Seltzer

When picking between the two Four Loko hard seltzers, Black Cherry is definitely the way to go. The cherry flavor is decently balanced, though it's just shy of being too strong for most people. And with a 12% alcohol by volume content, it beats out your run-of-the-mill seltzers on the market, at least if you want something with more of a boozy kick. Unlike some of the other overpowering sugary flavors, you can definitely taste the alcohol in this. But it's not a bad thing. In fact, it makes you feel like you're actually indulging in a real alcoholic beverage meant for an adult and not a sugar-filled energy drink that tastes like melted-down candy. Unless you're into that sort of thing, of course. 

If you're not a fan of black cherry in other drinks, however, this won't be a win for you. The faux red candy flavor is strong, but it's at least not as bad as the Red flavor. But beware — considering it's a sparkling seltzer, you will be subject to alcohol-soaked Four Loko burps from all those carbonated bubbles. This means that, if you struggle to get it down in the first place, you'll be pretty horrified having to relive the taste in your mouth for the rest of the night.

6. Fruit Punch

Another flavor for the red candy lovers is the Fruit Punch Four Loko. It packs a punch (pun kind of intended) and tastes more like liquified red Starburst candies than a typical fruit punch such as Hawaiian Punch. This is definitely one of those flavors that will have you buzzing not just from the alcohol, but from the sugar. Then again, surely that's what you have to come to expect when cracking open a Four Loko.

And while some of the Four Loko flavors get worse as you continue to take sips from that tall can, this is the rare flavor that weirdly gets better as its contents go down. The first sip is admittedly shocking because it hits you in the face with sugar-soaked alcohol but, as you drink it, you get more used to the taste and may even find yourself digging it after a while. If you're somehow dying to try a red Four Loko, skip the "Red" flavor and definitely go fruit punch. It's the best of the "red" bunch, to be certain, though there are still some better Four Loko flavors waiting ahead.

5. Watermelon

Watermelon alcoholic drinks are a tricky proposition for just about any company. All told, they're either really good or disgustingly bad, with nothing in between. To be certain, they almost never really taste like the actual fruit and often come off more like watermelon-flavored Sour Patch Kids. It's a hard flavor to master, to say the least. 

And while the Four Loko version is no different from its watermelon drink brethren, it's actually not that bad. If you're into watermelon flavored sweets, this is essentially a liquified version of those candies. So long as you don't go into the experience hoping for genuine watermelon flavor fresh off the vine, you should be fine. That heightened candy flavor works decently well with the high sugar content, too, namely because watered-down watermelon beverages tend to lack in flavor. It all works out for a drink that packs a lot of flavors into the can and actually tastes good from the first sip until you're done.

Dare we say the watermelon Four Loko can even be described as refreshing? You might especially enjoy it when the drink is poured over ice on a hot summer day. Or you could go above and beyond for a party and hollow out a watermelon, attach a tap, and fill it with Watermelon Four Lokos. Then all of your guests can get on the same Loko-fueled buzz. They might even be surprised to like the taste of a Four Loko instead of typical party cocktails. 

4. Black

Okay, clearly a Four Loko flavor named "Black" sounds like a serious mistake in the making. Pray tell, how is the color "black" supposed to taste, anyway? But don't fret, as the contents of the Black Four Loko are actually lime flavored, not a mysterious black drink that tastes like darkness and regret. True to the flavor, the liquid is a startling neon green color that might just glow in the dark or at least under some black lights. 

Sure, that's up for debate, but the flavor isn't nearly as bad as the drink's appearance or its frightening name. The lime is a bit more subtle than other fruit options but still masks the alcohol taste well. It's an easy drink to sip or down quickly, as long as the color doesn't skeeze you out. This is one flavor that's best to drink straight from the can, though, all so you don't have to think about the decisions that led you to select a neon green booze. Or perhaps you want to show it off proudly in a glass — who are we to tell you how to live?

Black Four Loko tastes somewhat like Mountain Dew but with a boozy twist. It doesn't have a strange chemical aftertaste and is reminiscent more of a soda pop than an alcoholic drink. If you're skeptical of Four Loko in general it's a safe bet to try this one out first. You might be surprised that you actually like it. 

3. Peach

For many imbibers, the tried and true Four Loko flavor has to be Peach. You can't go wrong with picking up this one out of the cooler, it seems. The Peach is a true staple in the Four Loko lineup and arguably one of the best-tasting varieties out there. In fact, it goes down almost frighteningly easily, so be sure to watch your consumption levels if you want to avoid that dreaded hangover the next morning. 

The flavor is similar to that sugary peach ring candy, and one that almost totally masks the malt liquor flavor. It smells like a very scented peach candle, which is definitely a plus compared to other flavors on the list (unless that comparison just killed it for you). And who doesn't like the taste of artificial peach? If you don't, then this ranking doesn't apply to you. 

While some variations of Four Loko are hard to find in stores, peach will just about always be in the fridge of a gas station or a liquor store, waiting for you to pick it up and take it on a night of debauchery (conducted responsibly, please). Of course, it's typical like most of the other Four Loko flavors that it hurts your teeth with its sky-high sugar content. Or it will make you at least want to brush your teeth immediately after you slam the entire can. It may be best enjoyed in a tall glass over ice with a straw.

2. Sour Blue Razz

While the other sour Four Loko flavors are at the tail end of the list, one beats them all by a long shot — the Sour Blue Razz. If you have ever wondered what it tastes like to melt down a bunch of blue Jolly Ranchers and mix the resulting goop with alcohol, just try one of these bad boys. The flavor is no less than that quintessential blue raspberry flavor that you already know and love from candy fame. Plus, it's actually sour and masks the weird after-taste, staying true to the "sour" moniker on the label. 

Drinking a Four Loko is already a colorful experience, so you might as well come out of it with a bright blue stain on your tongue as a kind of badge of honor. Plus, it's downright delicious. Even the can is more appealing when compared to some of the others. Blue raspberry is always a safe bet, even in Four Loko form — that is, assuming you're okay with a hefty dose of food coloring.

1. Strawberry Lemonade

If you're looking for the best of the best Four Loko flavor, then look no further than Strawberry Lemonade. We dare say this is actually a must-try drink when compared to other non-Four Loko beverages and not just those on this list. It's the right amount of sweet, but the lemonade gives it a sour kick that balances things out nicely. And the chemical flavor present in many of the options ranked lower on the list is pretty unrecognizable in this one, which is an admitted rarity. If you poured this Four Loko flavor over ice and garnished it with a cute strawberry, guests might even think that you made them a real cocktail. But you'll know the truth — it's straight from a 2 for $5 can and no one need be the wiser. It's really that good. 

Four Loko got its start with a variety of lemonade flavors, so it stands to reason that they know how to do it right by now. Ultimately, it's the cream of the crop and a reliable option if you find yourself craving a Four Loko.