Why Robert Irvine Has Been 'More Mellow' On Restaurant: Impossible

Chef Robert Irvine has graced television screens for well over a decade now on the show "Restaurant: Impossible," which first aired in 2011 and is still going strong (via IMDb). For those who may not be familiar with the premise, Irvine finds a restaurant that is struggling to thrive or even just survive and swoops in with his expertise and a limited budget of $10,000 to help turn things around. Given how the restaurants are typically the owners' livelihoods, he's often met with passionate reactions. As the Food Network website demonstrates, over the years Irving's intervention has led to emotional moments, and he has experienced straight-up unforgettable missions in his quest to help the struggling restaurants.

Depending on the particular circumstances the restaurant is grappling with, or even just a stubborn or negative attitude on the part of the owners, Irvine can often lose his temper or get a bit frustrated. However, one fan pointed out on Twitter that Irvine's overall personality has changed a bit in more recent seasons — and Irvine fired back with the reason.

The explanation for Irvine's "more mellow" approach

On August 27, Twitter user @sc929 reached out to Irvine and shared their observation that in recent seasons, Irvine has turned the volume down on his persona, so to speak, shouting far less and behaving in an overall "more mellow" fashion. Irvine's response was simple — the reason behind the switch, according to the chef and television personality himself, was that each restaurant has different circumstances and different owners and that he does his best to "adapt to each situation differently as needed."

However, he did also tack on with a crying laughing emoji that another reason for the shift in attitude was simply that he was "getting older." A few other fans chimed in on Twitter to address the latter comment, replying that Irvine was getting wiser rather than older or that he was "aging like fine wine." Irvine may already have over a decade of the restaurant rescue show under his belt, but according to fan reactions, it seems like some are eager to continue watching him for many seasons to come.