The Heartwarming Reason Bojangles' Is Closing All Of Its Stores For 2 Days

That craving for a flaky biscuit and some delicious chicken might have to wait a day. According to a Bojangles' company press release, the quick-service restaurant has decided to close all its locations on both Monday, August 30 and Monday, September 13. Although guests might be disappointed that they won't be able to purchase their Bo-Tato Rounds on these days, the company's decision to remain closed for two days is one that other brands might want to emulate. Unlike announcements having to do with staff training or menu revamps, this decision was established to benefit the company's employees.

Bojangles' CEO Jose Armario commented that the company is appreciative of its dedicated workers. With that sentiment in mind, Armario said, "[W]e know many people are physically and emotionally drained, so we hope these extra two days off will provide rest and refreshment." This statement shows that the company is putting its workers first. Even though the brand might have some disappointed customers scoffing at the darkened drive-thru lane for two days, the boost to company morale seems to outweigh the loss in sales. Even though Armario admitted that they "apologize for any inconvenience this creates for our customers," the benefit to the company's employees outweighs that inconvenience. When the employees return after a day off, that Southern hospitality might be served with an even warmer smile. 

Could Bojangles' close all of its stores again?

When a Bojangles' press release announced that all of its stores were closing on August 30 and September 13, the decision had both positive and negative reactions. Although some guests were disappointed to see restaurants closed, the benefit to the employees was the reasoning behind the decision. But, in a Bojangles' company press release, it said that it "will roll out additional benefits soon to further support the health and well-being of all its employees." Although that broad statement wasn't clarified, it seems to predict future changes. 

As seen in other recent restaurant industry reports, labor shortages are predicted to continue throughout the hospitality industry. While businesses try to navigate this situation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it requires more than simply boosting wages to entice workers to fill those open positions. From days off and childcare, to feeling valued, brands need to provide a whole package to not only entice workers to apply, but also to keep them in their current positions. While Bojangles' took a big step by closing all their locations for two days, it might be just the start of the conversation in the hospitality sector. If company morale is a priority, customers might find the drive-thru lane closed at other quick-service restaurants in the near future.