McDonald's Asked Twitter For A New Sign And The Responses Are Hilarious

McDonald's Twitter was most definitely having fun on August 30. The fast food chain's Twitter account gave its followers a golden opportunity, letting them decide what message should go up on the reader board sign beneath the golden arches. If you've grown tired of seeing messages that read "Dining room closed" or "Please work here, we'll give you a free iPhone," then McDonald's Twitter was offering the perfect antidote. McDonald's fans — and some businesses that saw an opportunity for self promotion — answered the call when the chain tweeted, "What should our sign say today?"

McDonald's Twitter discreetly ignored suggestions such as "Wendy better" and "@MrBeastBurger is better," but was happy to doctor a photo of its iconic golden arches so that it read, "Chicken nuggets are amazing" and "It's okay to eat the fries first." Some people on Twitter thought up new McDonald's slogans. Standouts included "There's a Grimace in us all" and "Home of the world's smoothest buns." Old school hip-hop fans likely appreciated "99 problems but a Big Mac ain't one." Then there was a suggestion that scored big points for its realness: "Ain't no food at home."

Sign suggestions on McDonald's Twitter were fun, strange, and self-promotional

The people who run corporate Twitter accounts are like family. When McDonald's Twitter was having a little moment last fall, tweeting about how nobody ever asks them how they're doing, the social media manager got a flood of sympathy from Twitter big wigs such as HBO, Target, Facebook, and IBM. Food-company Twitter in particular heard McDonald's again, when it asked for sign suggestions on August 30. McDonald's went with Tootsie Roll's sign idea, "Roll on in!" McDonald's also posted "Hot dogs and hamburgers are actually good friends," at the suggestion of Oscar Mayer. Velveeta came up with, "Front right stove top burner is the best burner," which only makes sense because the cheese product is notoriously hard to melt on the stove top (via WikiHow).

Some McDonald's fans proposed signs that amounted to wishful thinking, and McDonald's Twitter wasn't taking the bait. Suggestions such as "1 dollar double cheeseburgers are back" and "We've brought back all day breakfast!" were met with silence.

More than one desperate cryptocurrency investor proposed "Now accepting dogecoin," again with no response from McDonald's. Finally, a Twitter account named "Union Man" that might secretly belong to Bernie Sanders suggested this for McDonald's sign: "Billions of wage dollars stolen." Save that for the next fast food workers' strike.