The Truth About Guillermo Salinas From Halloween Baking Championship Season 7

We all love cooking competitions, but there's something even more enticing about holiday baking shows. They get us into the spirit of whichever season they're celebrating, inspire our own cake and cookie ideas, and really showcase a baker's creativity. That's why we're looking forward to the upcoming season of "Halloween Baking Championship," which premieres Monday, September 13 at 9:00 p.m. on Food Network.

This season's spooky set is called "Camp Devil's Food Lake," which sounds more delicious than eerie, and that is fine with us. According to Food Network, 10 professional bakers will compete to win $25,000, which is a pretty sweet treat any time of year.

Another treat for some fans is the return of host John Henson. The comedian briefly hosted "Halloween Baking Championship" in 2017, according to IMDB, and has also hosted the game show "Wipeout." But the real stars of the show, of course, are the bakers, and this year's contestants sound like a talented and diverse bunch of pastry pros.

One of them is Guillermo Salinas of Jackson, Mississippi. His Instagram features beautiful and artistic wedding cakes, as well as sophisticated creations like a sparkling cassis mousse tarte and savory cream puffs. He also gives us a sneak preview of an intricately-iced Dia de los Muertos cake we might see on the show.

Salinas has a fine arts background

The Food Network introduces "Halloween Baking Championship" Season 7 competitor Guillermo Salinas — who goes by Billy, per his Facebook page — as a baker who has "studied drawing, painting, and sculpting." He promises his "artsy" background will produce "fantastical" bakes. According to his Facebook profile, Billy studied at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS and also worked for a time as a pastry chef at an upscale hotel in Houston. He is originally from the Mexican city of Zihuatanejo.

On his Linktree page, Salinas reveals the heart of an artist. "Making is a means to interpret the world around me..." he writes. He also has an Instagram page that showcases his drawing and painting work, with many intricately done in pen and ink, including a self-portrait.

According to Salinas's Linktree, he also serves as VP director of operations for Collage, an artist's space and gallery in Jackson, and North Shore Coffee, a local cafe.

Warm up the cider and turn off the lights. We're ready to see how this prolific artist takes on the 80s slasher-themed challenges on "The Halloween Baking Championship" Season 7. If his past work is any indication, he's likely to bring something both surprising and chic to the table.