TikTok Is Stunned By This Massive Burger King Chicken Sandwich

Whether it's cloud bread or whipped coffee - two of the biggest TikTok food trends during the pandemic – or the baked feta pasta that seemed to find its way into everyone's feeds and stomachs (via the Washington Post), food TikTok — or FoodTok as some like to call it — has consistently been a place of inspiration for the kitchen-inclined.

While the app is known for having a friendly algorithm that gives nearly anyone the opportunity to get their content in front of a lot of eyes (via Ifluenz), it's always interesting to see which videos actually capture people's attention. But this time, it's not a specific recipe or type of content that has everyone on FoodTok enthralled; it's one specific food item — an abnormally large chicken sandwich from Burger King.

TikTok user @taylorprice943 recently uploaded a video showing the Ch'King sandwich they purchased from the fast food chain (via TikTok). "That thing is [explitive] huge," you can hear someone saying in the video. "It's not supposed to be that big," another voice answers. Viewers couldn't help but comment on its absolutely massive size, either. "$20 says it isn't cooked all the way through," one viewer commented on the video. Judging by the other comments, a lot of people seemed to think the same thing. "No way that's cooked through," another person posted. Some questioned whether it was even chicken while one person seemed to suggest it was really a "horse ankle."

 The post has been liked nearly 350,000 times and watched more than 2.7 million times.

Commenters feared the chicken wasn't cooked all the way through

According to the Weight Watchers blog, poultry typically becomes around 25% smaller during the cooking process. Perhaps that's why many commenters seemed to conclude the only plausible reason for the sandwich being so large was simply that the chicken hadn't been cooked (via TikTok). One viewer claimed that they'd experienced a similar situation: "This exact sandwich almost killed me," the user @yourgueye wrote on the original video, "I even posted a video of it being straight up raw when I bit into it." The video in question does appear to show deep-fried raw chicken.

But, in a follow-up video, @taylorprice943 shared that the sandwich in their original post wasn't raw at all: "For everyone that's worried about it being undercooked, it was not undercooked. It was definitely cooked fine." It was mostly breading, the TikToker said, with very little actual chicken on the inside. One viewer who claimed to work at the burger chain seemed to confirm this possibility: "I work at Burger King and yeah the way we hand bread them, sometimes it ends up in a BLANKET of breading like that."

Still, if you ever find yourself with an extra-large Ch'King sandwich, it probably wouldn't hurt to cut into it first and confirm that all you've got is some extra breading (score!) and not raw meat.