The Pioneer Woman's Daughter Has Instagram Freaking Out Over Her Dress

It can be one of the most memorable nights of a young person's life, but anyone who went to senior prom in the 1980s might just as soon forget the dress they wore. All that satiny material, the poofy sleeves, the giant bows ... not to mention the quantity of hair spray used to complete the look. At 22 years of age, Paige Drummond — the younger daughter of "The Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond — is a little too old for high school prom, but her Instagram post from September 17 suggests she and her friends at the University of Arkansas recently enjoyed some sort of prom-themed party. 

While Paige's female friends in the photos went with various styles of dress in dark hues, Paige herself stood out in a shiny pink prom dress, complete with enough satiny flowers on the shoulders to attract a small hive of bees. Paige added a couple hashtags to her post: #80sdoesitbetter and #dressbyree. That second hashtag hints that Paige's TV-famous mom might have made Paige's dress for her pseudo prom. (Some Instagram commenters thought maybe Ree Drummond wore that same dress to her own prom?) In any case, the pink dress is definitely not part of The Pioneer Woman clothing line at

Eighties high school fashion may leave a lot to be desired, but Paige totally pulled it off, judging from the Instagram comments. "'80s prom dresses are back 100% because of this photo," one commenter said. "Just stunning!"

Paige Drummond was 'pretty in pink' in an '80s prom dress

Some commenters on Paige Drummond's Instagram post that shows her in a 1980s-style prom dress gave Paige a very '80s compliment ... whether they realized it or not. The "pretty in pink" comment a couple of Instagrammers tossed off echoed the name of the 1980s flick that solidified Molly Ringwald's status as that decade's quintessential teen girl (via Variety). Mom Ree Drummond is old enough to remember the movie and the year it was released. "Seeing you in that dress is ... amazing," Ree Drummond commented on her daughter's post. "1986 all the way!!!"

Plenty of commenters thought the "glam comfort" sneakers Paige chose to wear for her "prom" night were "fire" (using the emoji) or "adorkable" (which is a good thing). Other people who seemed to have first-hand knowledge of real 1980s proms had some mild criticisms of the overall look. About those sneakers: "Nope," @jennifer_linney12 commented. "'80s would have had dyed matched pumps. Ask your mom about it."

One of Paige's friends who participated in the event commented, "Does anyone know how much hairspray we used?" Some '80s-savvy commenters made it clear that however much it was, it wasn't nearly enough. "The hair would have been MUCH bigger," @tiffanymhudson commented, "but y'all look beautiful!"