This Is Paris Hilton's Go-To Brunch Dish

We've always had the impression that celebrities weren't exactly the type to have time to enjoy a hearty meal, never mind cook. But one of America's original reality TV show queens — Paris Hilton — appears to be working to change that with a new Netflix TV show called "Cooking with Paris." In one segment that's doing the rounds on social media, the heiress reveals her favorite brunch item is a "fluffy frittata," which she proceeds to make in a video for Seventeen, while dressed in an outfit many of us might consider NSFK (not suitable for kitchen) and a pair of pink fingerless gloves (via Twitter).

Make no mistake: Hilton is honest about the fact that until she and Kim Kardashian tried this recipe together, it wasn't her go-to brunch. As Hilton told Mashed, "both of us have never cooked a frittata before, and there's like a lot of steps that go into it, but it's so delicious." Hilton confesses on video that she had thought that it would be hard to make, but it not only turned out to be "super fun, but also so easy." Hilton's frittata is made with bacon, tomato, six eggs, spices, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, and chive for garnish. "Loves it" she declares in the video. 

Paris Hilton didn't know how a frittata was made before her show

The pleasure Hilton takes from making, then sampling, her frittata should come as no surprise. As she told Mashed during an interview, "It's so delicious. And I literally would have had no idea how to do that before. And now it's something that I make for my fiance almost every weekend. When I make brunch for him, it's one of his favorite things."

Hilton was also apparently surprised to see how adaptable a frittata would be. "You can just change it up and do whatever you want and put anything in it. So it's a lot like frittatas are an awesome thing. If somebody wants to learn how to cook something, to impress someone on a date or something, that's a really ... It's not as impressive as lasagna, but it's very impressive to cook for your loved one," she told Mashed.

Hilton isn't the only one who swears by a good frittata as a way to get brunch going. In her recipe for the Caprese Frittata  — which bears a passing resemblance to Hilton's own, Giada De Laurentiis calls the dish a way to enjoy the ultimate Italian breakfast (via Giadzy).