The 5 Dishes Bobby Flay Thinks Everyone Should Know How To Make

It goes without saying that for a professional chef like Bobby Flay, food is high on the priority list. On his website, Flay writes, "Food is the center of my universe," and he has dedicated his entire life to various culinary pursuits. While this has often meant long hours in the kitchen perfecting recipes to share with the world, Flay recently added another project to his roster: He and his daughter Sophie started a podcast called "Always Hungry" to discuss their similar interests related to food, travel, and lifestyle (via Bobby Flay).

You might think that having a famous chef as a father would make you an excellent cook, but Sophie Flay's passion for food doesn't necessarily follow her into the kitchen. On the latest episode of the podcast titled "Five Dishes for Sophie," she remarks how people always assume that her culinary skills match her father's. In fact, although Sophie loves food and enjoys its sensory characteristics, she shares that she's never been super interested in learning how to cook. However, she adds that she definitely enjoys hosting her friends and would like to be able to cook for them. Flay doesn't think that everyone has to be an expert, but all the same, he believes that there are five dishes that his daughter should be able to master.

Flay's essentials are proteins, pasta, and salad

Although Flay's advice in the podcast is directed at his daughter, it extends to anyone who is hesitant about stepping foot into the kitchen. Most of the dishes he suggests are intended for meat-eaters, however, similar preparations can be used with plant-based proteins. The number-one dish that Flay thinks Sophie should learn how to make is steak. He goes so far as to describe the skill as "imperative" (unless, of course, you're a vegetarian, he adds). Next on the list is pasta, followed by fish, chicken, and salad.

Aside from listing the essential dishes that Flay thinks Sophie should learn to cook, he also describes some of his favorite preparations during their chat. Flay recommends cooking steak in a cast-iron pan, which he praises for its capacity to hold heat and last forever. As for pasta, Sophie already has it down, and they go over her preparation for penne alla vodka. Chicken and fish get a similar preparation 一 Flay likes to sauté them with a lemon caper sauce. A chopped salad is Flay's go-to, and he even had one on a restaurant menu for years named after Sophie.

After they go through the five dishes, Sophie points out that dessert is missing, adding that she likes to keep it simple with ice cream or cookies. Flay recommends keeping frozen cookie dough around so that you can easily bake a batch. Ultimately, Sophie thinks ice cream sandwiches are perfect for dessert.