Whataburger Has Good News For Fans Of Its Breakfast Burger

Whataburger has been no stranger to the news recently. It's possible that many large fast-food companies and restaurants are doing whatever they can to stay relevant — and attract customers — as a result of lost business from Covid-19. Wendy's released its ... interesting gaming chair, and Burger King is putting chocolate on its burgers; the marketing teams at fast-food giants are clearly doing whatever they can to continue thinking outside the box.

So, the recent buzz about Whataburger is probably being welcomed with open arms. In addition to the brand's collaboration with Igloo (via Daily Dot), and a raunchy TikTok video surfacing that shows things really heating up in a drive-thru lane (via TikTok), the announcement that the beloved Breakfast Burger is returning for a limited time is keeping Whataburger in the headlines.

According to Brand Eating, the burger chain announced that the favored menu item will in fact return for a limited time in late 2021. The burger typically returns briefly every fall and lasts on the menu into the winter. Never had one? Here's why you'll love it.

Fans are excited for the Breakfast Burger's return

The initial release of Whataburger Breakfast Burger in 2019 received a lot of excitement, in part because of what the sandwich includes and in part due to its limited availability (via Whataburger). The burger's makeup consists of a junior burger patty, cheese, hash browns, egg, and bacon, topped with the chain's creamy pepper sauce. It's as much a breakfast delight as it is a late-night craving-soother, which is why the timeframe in which you can order one is from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. (and no, that's not a typo).

The unique window of time that you can get the burger this fall adds even more appeal to it, especially for those of us who have felt the pang of a midnight snack craving. Chew Boom writes that the chain "offers something for both night owls and early birds alike," and notes that the tasty, four-inch-bun sandwich will only be available at participating locations, so be sure to check before hitting the drive-thru. 

And also be careful once you get to the drive-thru, apparently — there are some wild Whataburger fans out there.