The Doritos-Themed Restaurant Fans Won't Want To Miss

We've yet to meet someone who doesn't love Doritos. Whether your preference is original Nacho Cheese, Spicy Sweet Chili, or classic Cool Ranch (or all three), you know the almost irresistible taste and crunch of the triangular corn chip. Seriously, what do they put in there that's so darn addictive?

Well, whatever the secret is, it's worked so much magic on snack-loving fans that the concept of a Doritos-themed restaurant is no longer just a fantasy. That's right: An entire restaurant dedicated to the popular line of chips is now open, so buckle up. The Doritos Diner has begun serving customers in London, PopSugar reports. Not only is it the United Kingdom's first Doritos eatery, but it may also be the first business to call itself a "virtual" restaurant. (And no, that doesn't mean you have to pretend you're eating the food through a screen.) Here's what's on the menu.

Doritos nachos, burgers, and quesadillas, oh my

The term "virtual restaurant" refers to the fact that the Doritos Diner's dishes are only available via home delivery from Uber Eats, according to Bustle. The concept is a collaboration with Lean Kitchen Network, which helps turn vacant spaces into professional kitchens. Now, three locations in the Clapham Junction, Bethnal Green, and Kings Cross neighborhoods of London are delivering chip-packed meals to local delivery customers. So, if you're a Londonder, don't put on real pants just yet; you can sample the deliciousness of this Doritos-centric menu from the comfort of your home.

Speaking of the menu, you're probably wondering what's on it, right? Well, you can expect somewhat predictable plates like nachos, loaded high with beef, fried chicken, or barbecue pulled jackfruit. Also available are sandwiches served on "Doritos-encrusted" buns: There's a nacho cheeseburger with Doritos-coated onion rings and a fried chicken sandwich with a spicy Doritos crust. Vegetarian fans can choose from Doritos-accented cheese quesadillas, nacho mac and cheese, and a cucumber-lime salad to offset all that heat. Booking a trip to London yet?