Fans Are In Love With Duff Goldman's Baby Pumpkin Patch Pic

Few things are cuter than a baby in a pumpkin patch, but Duff Goldman's daughter Josephine may be the cutest pumpkin patch baby out there. For a while now, fans of Goldman have been obsessed with the photos he's shared of Josephine — especially her gorgeous blue eyes. But the latest snap from a pumpkin patch has everyone absolutely in love with the baker's baby.

On October 4, the new parent shared a photo he snapped of Josephine to both Instagram and Twitter. The caption read, "Look at this baby laughing her tushy off in the @malibufeedbin pumpkin patch next the storm over the Pacific Ocean." Her expression while giggling away among the pumpkins is almost too cute for words.

Of course, fans had plenty of kind words to share with Goldman in response to the baker sharing such cute moments with the world. One person tweeted back, "very very adorable." Another jokingly wrote, "I thought they only sold babies at the cabbage patch?"

This is what Goldman's fans are saying

More fans responded on Instagram too. One person simply wrote, "Punkin!" followed by heart-eyed emojis. Another commented, "such a wonderful picture. She's so cute." One more fan on Instagram said, "my heart. I can't even." It's a sentiment everyone can definitely understand after seeing Josephine laughing in between the pumpkins.

Naturally, there were tons of heart emojis sprinkled throughout the comments too. Even Goldman's wife Johnna slid into the comment section, writing "a wonderful day!!" More people left comments such as "what an adorable little punkin," "adorable," or "cutie pie." Clearly, Goldman's fans are as smitten with Josephine as her parents are.

It seems everyone wants to keep seeing Josephine Goldman's special first experiences. From the pumpkin patch and a Midwest cornfield to Josephine's first rodeo, fans are here for all things baby Goldman (via Instagram). And fortunately, her parents seem happy to show the world what their little one will be getting up to next.