27 Bang Energy Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

In a crowded energy drink industry that includes heavy hitters such as Red Bull and Monster Energy, Bang Energy has been able to become one of the top-selling brands in America. Not only does Bang Energy have a number of outstanding flavors, but what's in (and isn't in) their beverages helps this brand stand out from the crowd.

First of all, all of their energy drinks are sugar-free, calorie-free, and contain 300 milligrams of caffeine, which is more caffeine than is typically found in other brands. Secondly, Bang Energy has creatine in it, and creatine can improve your gym performance. Finally, this brand features other potentially helpful ingredients such as essential amino acids and CoQ10.

If you want to try Bang Energy but don't know what flavors to start with and which flavors to shun, we're here to help. Keep reading for our ranking of Bang Energy's most popular energy drink flavors.

27. Birthday Cake Bash

All it will take is one sip of this abomination of an energy drink for you to begin scratching your head and wondering why Bang Energy thought it was a good idea. Birthday Cake Bash tastes a lot like birthday cake with sprinkles on it — and that's a huge part of the problem. Imagine blowing out your candles, stuffing your birthday cake into a blender, adding carbonated water, and then blending it all together. That sounds grotesque in theory, and this drink proves it's also disgusting in reality.

If that wasn't bad enough, Birthday Cake Bash has a terrible aftertaste featuring the flavors of sprinkles combined with way too much artificial sweetener. The aftertaste is so off-putting that you'll want to scrub your tongue with a soapy sponge to eliminate every trace of this debacle of a Bang Energy beverage. Only pick this flavor if you want your day to be ruined.

26. Black Cherry Vanilla

Unless you're someone who looks forward to getting a cough so that you have a legitimate excuse to drink cough syrup, you'll want nothing to do with Black Cherry Vanilla. This Bang Energy flavor tastes like extra-strength cherry-flavored cough syrup — that's the only way to describe it. It'll make you cringe with disappointment from the first moment it hits your taste buds. If you're able to take a second sip, things will only get worse as the amount of cherry flavoring mounts in your mouth.

While the name of this energy drink promises a dash of vanilla, the overpowering cherry flavoring dominates the vanilla so much that it might as well not even be part of the equation. For Black Cherry Vanilla to climb this ranking, the volume needs to be turned down on the cherry flavoring and the amount of vanilla flavoring needs to be doubled or even tripled. As it stands, this is a Bang Energy beverage that needs to be avoided at all costs.

25. Champagne

Tragically, Bang Energy's Champagne flavor doesn't taste like the alcoholic beverage that you drank on New Year's. If it did, it'd be a whole lot higher in this ranking. However, you probably knew that was too good to be true prior to purchasing a can of this energy drink.

What does the Champagne flavor taste like? If you've ever had the privilege of drinking Kola Champagne, you will understand the flavor that Bang Energy was attempting to replicate. Champagne kola is popular in Latin America, and it basically tastes like cream soda with a splash of bubblegum flavoring in it. Regrettably, this energy drink totally misses the mark. It tastes like cream soda with extra sugar and an artificial aftertaste. To add even more unhappiness, the bubblegum flavoring is way too minimal, and it too tastes artificial. If you're craving champagne kola, go out and get the real thing instead of going with this knockoff.

24. Power Punch

Think about your favorite brand of fruit punch. Power Punch tastes exactly like that — but with too much carbonation and not enough sweetness. That sounds gross, but this Bang Energy flavor is even worse than it sounds. One single, solitary mouthful is all you'll need for you to recognize that Power Punch is unquestionably one of the worst flavors on this list.

The lack of sweetness makes this zero-sugar energy drink taste like a diet soda that you'd find at a dollar store. A fruit punch without fruity goodness is unspeakably disappointing, especially when the missing sweetness isn't replaced by an equal amount of tartness or anything else that would ease the pain. The added carbonation compounds the misery and will leave you shaking your head in dismay.

When it comes to sweetness levels, energy drinks typically err on the side of being too sweet. Power Punch is an unfortunate example of an exception to that generalization.

23. Rainbow Unicorn

If you're two years old and can read or you're an adult who is still wonderstruck by the thought of colorful mythical creatures, Rainbow Unicorn is a flavor you'll be tempted to reach out and grab. Even old-school energy drink curmudgeons and hoity-toity beverage snobs would have to be at least a little bit intrigued about what this Bang Energy flavor tastes like.

As it turns out, Rainbow Unicorn tastes like a combination of watermelon and bubblegum. Bang Energy deserves a round of applause for thinking outside of the box, but the truth of the matter is that this flavor isn't good. You wouldn't eat watermelon while chewing on bubblegum, so why would you purchase this drink? The two flavors clash to the point that neither one of them is enjoyable. Don't be swayed by the clever and playful name because this energy drink is best left on the grocery store shelves.

22. Root Beer Blaze

Depending on the brand of root beer you go with, it can vary in taste but typically features a combination of at least one of the following flavors: vanilla, licorice, nutmeg, and wintergreen. The problem that dooms Root Beer Blaze is that it tastes nothing like traditional root beer. There's no sign of vanilla, licorice, nutmeg, or wintergreen. In fact, if it wasn't called Root Beer Blaze, there'd be no reason to believe that this beverage is even in the root beer family.

Inexplicably, this Bang Energy flavor actually tastes most like passionfruit. If you weren't expecting anything specific, then you might actually like this flavor. Passionfruit is tasty and works well in an energy drink. But since you bought this flavor because you wanted something that actually tastes like root beer, the fruitiness you taste will leave you dumbfounded and you'll consider asking for a refund. That's why this flavor can't rise any higher in our ranking.

21. Lemon Drop

If you select the Lemon Drop flavor of Bang Energy hoping it tastes like a virgin lemon drop martini, or at least a super sour change of pace, you're in for a rude awakening. Sadly, this flavor just tastes like watered-down lemonade that has been lightly carbonated. This beverage isn't sour, isn't sweet, and doesn't bring any amount of excitement to the table. Instead, it's such a boring flavor that you shouldn't be surprised if this energy drink puts you to sleep.

If you buy a can of this stuff, the only way to salvage the sad situation is to make sure that it's extremely cold. If this drink is anywhere close to room temperature, your experience will go from boring to downright dreadful; when allowed to get too warm, Lemon Drop tastes like it might be poison. That said, a better idea than keeping this flavor cold is to just opt for a Bang Energy flavor that resides higher in our ranking.

20. Delish Strawberry Kiss

Who isn't enthralled by the name Delish Strawberry Kiss? This Bang Energy flavor sounds like it'd taste like a deliciously delightful smooch from a strawberry-powered dessert. Unfortunately, that's not the case. In actuality, this beverage tastes nothing like fresh strawberries. Rather, it has the flavor of melted strawberry candy with an obnoxious amount of sweetness added to it. Imagine melting an entire bag of strawberry bon bons and then adding a heaping scoop of sugar. That's what you're in store for if you select this flavor.

Even if you can deal with the overwhelming strawberry candy flavor, Delish Strawberry Kiss has a chemical-like aftertaste that will negate any joy you feel. You may be able to finish off one can of this stuff, but even if you have an insatiable sweet tooth, you'll never consider purchasing a second can. Bang Energy has much better flavors that blow this one completely out of the water. Don't settle.

19. Strawberry Blast

In a battle of strawberry flavors, Strawberry Blast is better than Delish Strawberry Kiss — but just barely. Although you would assume these two flavors are similar, that's not accurate. Strawberry Blast actually tastes like fresh strawberries and isn't overly sweet, so it's the opposite of Delish Strawberry Kiss in those two areas.

The news isn't all positive when it comes to Strawberry Blast, however. While it has a fresh strawberry flavor, the taste is so light that you will need to concentrate while drinking the beverage or else you could miss it. Secondly, this Bang Energy flavor has a bitter aftertaste. It doesn't make much sense that a strawberry-flavored drink would have a bitter aftertaste, but that's what you'll be forced to face if you choose to deal with this flavor.

The bottom line is that neither Delish Strawberry Kiss nor Strawberry Blast are worthy of a recommendation. Even if you usually adore strawberry-flavored energy drinks, you can do better.

18. Wyldin' Watermelon

With a name like Wyldin' Watermelon, you'd expect an intense flavor that isn't bashful about partying all night long. If anything, it sounds like the watermelon flavor might be too intense. Reality, though, paints a different picture. Wyldin' Watermelon smells like watermelon Jolly Ranchers, but it tastes more like red Starbursts with an extra helping of sweetness. The barely-there watermelon flavor is most noticeable in the aftertaste, but even then it's overshadowed by the sweetness of this energy drink.

If you're a Starburst fanatic, Wyldin' Watermelon could be worth a whirl because it's not every day that you get an opportunity to enjoy red Starbursts in liquid form. But if you're buying this Bang Energy beverage because you want to add a loving dose of watermelon to your day, you'll be disappointed. If you want to compare, the watermelon flavor produced by Monster Energy is about five times better and five times more authentic.

17. Piña Colada

The first flavor on this list that is at least somewhat decent is Piña Colada. While it can't hold a candle to the best flavors of Bang Energy, this stuff is at least drinkable. However, there's one major issue that is impossible to overlook: Piña Colada doesn't taste anything like a real piña colada. The real thing typically contains a mix of pineapple and coconut, but neither of those flavors are present in this energy drink.

Instead of tasting tropical, this Bang Energy flavor is just really sweet. There's a hint of general fruitiness but nothing that specifically tastes like pineapple or coconut. If you simply want a sweet energy drink that basically tastes like carbonated sugar water, Piña Colada is an okay-ish pick that'll get the job done. But if you want to try something that features layers of flavors and enough exhilaration to energize your taste buds, pick a better, more complex flavor.

16. Sour Heads

Sour Heads almost hits the mark as a very good energy drink flavor, but ultimately it comes up just short. Bang Energy obviously wanted to make a drink that's similar to Sour Patch Kids and other candies that successfully merge sweetness and tartness. But, by the end of your first can Sour Heads, you'll agree that they didn't quite accomplish that goal.

When a mouthful of this beverage hits your tongue, you'll first notice the flavor's tartness. It's similar to a green apple flavor, but the total amount of sourness is underwhelming. Secondly, you'll experience a sweet aftertaste. Unfortunately, the level of sweetness is also disappointing. Add it together, and you have a drink that doesn't go far enough in either direction. Instead of a fun roller coaster ride with extreme amounts of sweetness and sourness, Sour Heads is more like a ho-hum merry-go-round that leaves you wanting more action.

15. Cotton Candy

If you want an energy drink that actually tastes like cotton candy, this is it. Bang Energy's Cotton Candy lives up to what the name suggests. From the first moment after you pop open the pink and black can and catch a whiff of the beverage, until you've downed the final drop, your senses will know full well that you're consuming what is essentially liquified and caffeinated cotton candy. Your sweet tooth will be overjoyed the entire time.

The downside to this flavor is that it gets tedious after a while. By the time you're finished with your first can, you'll want to move on to another flavor. As much as you may love cotton candy, you'll find that your love has limits. As a one-off, Cotton Candy is an entertaining flavor that deserves a spot in your energy drink rotation. But don't expect this to be your go-to Bang Energy flavor.

14. Miami Cola

Miami Cola is the most polarizing flavor that Bang Energy sells. You'll either love it so much that it'll be in your personal top five or hate it so much that you'll spit it out after your first sip. For that reason, we'll put it right in the middle of this ranking. You'll need to try this flavor to figure out which camp you belong to.

To get an idea of what to expect, think of Miami Cola as a generic diet cola with a lot less fizz and an extra spoonful of sweetness. The most unique attribute is the aftertaste that contains a subtle hint of orange flavoring. It's that aftertaste that you'll either adore or loathe. If you adore it, you'll find this energy drink to be amazingly refreshing. If you loathe it, the aftertaste will remind you of the grossness you taste if you make the mistake of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.

13. Citrus Twist

Bang Energy's Citrus Twist isn't a showstopper, but it's a relatively reliable flavor that delivers exactly what you're anticipating time in and time out. The easiest way to think of this beverage is as the energy drink version of a lemon-lime soda. Between Sprite and 7UP, it tastes more like 7UP because it has a similarly dry aftertaste. An even better comparison can be made to Twist Up, the Great Value lemon-lime soda that can be found at Walmart.

If you want a sweet or light energy drink, look elsewhere. Citrus Twist has a pinch of sweetness, but the overriding flavor is the sour kick you taste immediately after it enters your lips. The kick isn't super harsh, but it's notable enough to cause you to sit up straight and take this beverage seriously. Overall, this Bang Energy flavor serves its purpose, but nothing about Citrus Twist will wow you or cause you to fall in love with it.

12. Peach Mango

There's a lot to like about the Peach Mango flavor that was created by Bang Energy. Unfortunately, there's also one caveat that must be noted that stops this flavor from cracking the top 10. On the plus side, the peach flavor is great and tastes a lot like honest-to-goodness peach juice. Additionally, while the mango flavor isn't nearly as bold as the peach flavor, there's just enough of it to give this energy drink a festive feel.

The caveat that you need to factor in before buying a can of Peach Mango is the unavoidable truth that this is an extremely heavy beverage. The peach flavor is so strong that it's tough to drink an entire can in one sitting. Not only is all that peachiness hard to handle, but it's also quite filling. If you're on the run or you need a quick caffeine fix, you might want to pick another flavor.

11. Sweet Ice Tea

If you've spent any time in the South, you know that locals are obsessed with sweet tea. While not all the sweet tea in the South tastes exactly the same, it's almost uniformly very, very sweet. With that in mind, Southerners who drink sweet tea at every meal have to be excited about the availability of Bang Energy's line of Sweet Tea which includes a Lemon Drop version, Georgia Peach, and this standard Sweet Ice Tea flavor.

As expected, it's remarkably sweet. If you're accustomed to lightly sweetened ice tea like you find north of the Mason-Dixon line, the sweetness level of this energy drink could make you gag. Conversely, if you're from the South, drinking this beverage will make you feel right at home.

Like all other Bang Energy flavors, Sweet Ice Tea doesn't have any sugar in it, which makes this particular flavor especially impressive. If you're looking to limit your sugar intake, substituting this energy drink in place of sugar-filled sweet tea would be a step in the right direction.

10. Purple Haze

While the Bang Energy version of Purple Haze isn't a masterpiece like the Jimi Hendrix version, it's tasty enough that it can be classified as being above average. It's similar to the grape soda you used to drink back in the day as a child but with an extra amount of artificial grape flavor. If you are a fan of grape-flavored candies and drinks, you're going to enjoy this stuff.

This Bang Energy drink also has two other positive characteristics that help it thrive. Firstly, Purple Haze tastes the same whether it's cold, room temperature, or even slightly warm. Second of all, it retains a yummy flavor even if the carbonation bubbles escape and the beverage goes flat. Add those two characteristics together, and this is a great choice for those individuals who drink one energy drink a day and only take a few sips an hour. While other flavors may degrade over the course of a day, Purple Haze keeps rocking.

9. Star Blast

It might take you three or four cans of Bang Energy's Star Blast for you to figure out what flavors are in this energy drink. You can do your own research, or, to save time and effort, you could just keep reading this description to know exactly what awaits you if you buy a can.

There are three parts to Star Blast's flavor profile. At the beginning, you'll taste blue raspberry; it's a scrumptious flavor that will caress your senses. Secondly, you'll come across the flavor of cherries. This is another stupendous flavor that will keep a smile on your face. Lastly, a lemon flavor arises. This sourness acts as a counterbalance to the blue raspberry and cherry flavors.

Most people will really like this trio of flavors. However, some individuals may think that the lemon flavor is actually too sour. If you're sensitive to sour drinks, picking Star Blast would be a risky proposition. Otherwise, we recommend you give this fruity flavor a try.  

8. Frosé Rosé

It seems like everywhere you look, you see products that are marketed as tasting like rosé wine. This Bang Energy flavor follows that trend. Does Frosé Rosé actually taste like rosé wine? Stunningly enough, it sort of does. There's obviously no alcohol in it, but this beverage's mix of flavors is similar to what you'd expect from the real thing.

The two dominant flavors are grape and watermelon. Both of the flavors are somewhat faint, which helps them mesh well together and prevents Frosé Rosé from being too heavy. The other flavor that makes an appearance is mixed berries. It's extremely understated, though, so it's entirely possible that you can miss it altogether.

If you're a fan of watermelon-flavored energy drinks, this is the far better option over Bang Energy's Wyldin' Watermelon. The grape and the mixed berries flavors hop along for the ride, but they don't detract much from the watermelon flavor.

7. Key Lime Pie

Sure, Birthday Cake Bash is a complete and utter flavor disaster that fully deserves its last-place ranking on this list. Bang Energy should have never even tried to make that flavor. But don't let that failure make you believe that Bang Energy can't make outstanding dessert-inspired flavors. Key Lime Pie is the proof that they are fully capable of doing just that. Any goodwill that was lost by the release of the Birthday Cake Bash flavor was more than made up for with the release of this majestic flavor.

Key Lime Pie tastes exactly like a key lime pie — there's no clearer way to put it. At the start, you can taste what you'll be convinced is actual key lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and sugar. During the aftertaste, this energy drink starts to taste even more like real key lime pie because that's when the graham cracker flavor enters the celebration.

6. Bangster Berry

If you're a real-life bangster (or at least a wannabe bangster who is new to the Bang Energy universe), you need to cop a can of Bangster Berry at least once in your life. True to its name, this energy drink tastes like a cornucopia of different types of berries blended together to make a splendid beverage you will treasure from your very first gulp.

Although you can taste a subtle amount of raspberry and even a little bit of grape (yes, grapes are technically in the berry family), the three prominent berries in this drink are blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry. Initially, it's the strong blueberry flavor that will catch your attention. When the aftertaste arrives, that's when the blackberry and strawberry flavors take center stage along with a pleasurable dash of tartness. That said, it's the blueberry flavor that you'll remember the most along with the fact that all of the berry flavors taste surprisingly fresh.

5. Candy Apple Crisp

Candy Apple Crisp sounds like it could be a super sweet disaster, but it's actually a shockingly scrumptious Bang Energy flavor that you'll return to over and over again. It tastes exactly like a caramel apple — fans of the iconic Affy Tapple are in for a treat. From the rich caramel flavor to the genuine-tasting apple addition, you'll cherish every aspect of this beverage.

Apple is what your taste buds will first encounter. It tastes like real apple juice without any added sugar. In fact, the apple flavor has just a little bit of tartness to it. The aftertaste is when the caramel flavor kicks in. The caramel flavor is sweeter than the apple flavor, but it avoids going overboard.

If you find that most energy drinks are too sweet, too artificial, and too overbearing, give Bang Energy's Candy Apple Crisp a try. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the aforementioned busts like Birthday Cake Bash and Delish Strawberry Kiss.

4. Blue Razz

It doesn't take a culinary genius to look at the name and the bright blue can of this Bang Energy flavor and correctly guess that Blue Razz tastes like blue raspberry flavoring. What's surprising is that this energy drink somehow tastes even better than a blue raspberry ICEE even though ICEE literally invented the blue raspberry flavor. If you're a blue raspberry connoisseur, Blue Razz should be added to your bucket list.

While this flavor richly deserves a spot in the top five of this Bang Energy ranking, keep in mind that it tastes best when it's ice-cold. If you can't drink it right out of the refrigerator, you should pour it into a glass and add ice to ensure that it's indeed cold enough. Blue Razz at room temperature would tumble down our ranking to near the bottom, so it's always better to be safe than sorry when getting ready to drink this flavor.

3. Purple Guava Pear

When it comes to Purple Guava Pear, it makes the most sense to begin the discussion at the end. That's because the aftertaste of this Bang Energy flavor is out of this world. It tastes like perfectly ripe guava juice, a breathtaking flavor that's otherwise impossible to find in any other energy drink in the United States. That guava-powered aftertaste gives this beverage a tropical goodness that is completely missing in the previously mentioned Piña Colada flavor. Drink a can of this stuff, and it's like you'll be instantly transported to the tropical paradise that only exists in your most relaxing dreams.

While the guava flavor steals the show, the pear flavor is also fantastic. It adds the optimal amount of fruitiness and sweetness to keep the fiesta lively without taking too much of the attention away from the guava. Even if you're not sure you like guava juice, give this beverage a try and prepare to be thrilled.

2. Radical Skadattle

Not only is Radical Skadattle a fun name to say, this Bang Energy flavor is a delight to drink. It won't take long for you to admit that this is one of the best energy drinks you've ever tasted. While neither the colorful can nor the amusing name gives you a clear hint at what you should expect, you're sure to be pleasantly surprised, and you'll end up telling your friends and family about your wonderful discovery.

Radical Skadattle tastes like Skittles, which partially explains the name. This Bang Energy beverage tastes like a combination of every Skittles flavor. As you know, not all colors of Skittles taste the same (unlike Froot Loops). If you opened your mouth wide, poured an entire bag of Skittles inside, and began chewing, the resulting flavor is what Radical Skadattle tastes like. You can taste each color of the rainbow, from the strawberry red to the lemon yellow. It's truly magical.

1. Cherry Blade Lemonade

When it comes Bang Energy drinks, one flavor deserves to be crowned king — and it's not even a close race. Cherry Blade Lemonade is so spectacular that it could actually become the only energy drink you ever purchase from here on out.

Cherry Blade Lemonade is very similar to Sonic Drive-In's legendary Cherry Limeade. Although the Black Cherry Vanilla flavor mentioned above has way too much cherry flavoring, it's perfectly balanced in this energy drink. Cherry Blade Lemonade also has a sharp bite of lemon that will keep you on your toes and keep you wanting more. By combining the sweet cherry flavor and the sour lemon flavor, Bang Energy stumbled upon an all-time classic. This beverage is as good or better than anything the competition has to offer.

Go ahead and try any of the flavors in this ranking that catch your eye. But when you're ready for the best of the best, acquire a can of Cherry Blade Lemonade and get ready for a mind-blowing experience.