Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off: Release Date, Celebrity Guests, And More - What We Know So Far

"It's no secret that I love miniature things," pop star Katy Perry posted to her Instagram account on May 8, along with a video depicting her making doll house-sized vegan doughnuts. The video was a collaboration between Perry and the minds behind the wildly successful "Tiny Kitchen" and "Tiny Talk" programming by Tastemade, a self-described "modern media company for the millennial consumer." The fact that the "Tiny Kitchen" franchise has 7.6 million viewers and 45 million views per month, according to a press release sent to Mashed, suggests Ms. Perry is not alone.

Apparently, fans all over the globe are mesmerized by the making of edible tiny-sized-but-perfectly-scaled foods — from a tiny Thanksgiving pecan pie to a tiny Mother's Day breakfast served in a tiny bed and featuring tiny actual bacon and eggs. "From the moment we made a tiny stack of pancakes in 2015, 'Tiny Kitchen' has been a Tastemade fan-favorite, delighting audiences across the globe," according to Jay Holzer, Head of Programming, Tastemade Streaming Network (via the press release). So a lot of "Tiny" fans should be thrilled to learn that Tastemade has developed a brand-new streaming series, "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off." 

Expertly blending Lilliputian cooking adventures with celebrity interviews and a pinch of friendly competition, this fresh new programming is steaming hot and ready to serve. Here's everything we know so far about the hotly anticipated "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off," including the release date and how and where to stream it.

What will Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off be about?

The new Tastemade "Tiny" series, "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off," strikes us as what you might get if "Tiny Talk" and "Tiny Kitchen" were to get married and have a baby, boasting an appetite for friendly competition among "game" celebrities. Based on the "Tiny" twins series, which have a total of more than 2 billion global views to date, according to a press release sent to Mashed, "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" will be hosted by Monica Padman, a producer and actress who is probably most famous for her work with creative powerhouse couple, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell (via IMDb). On each episode, Radman will be interviewing two celebrity guests while they attempt to re-create some of the most iconic "Tiny" recipes. Of course, this will all take place on a tiny kitchen set that features tiny utensils and tiny ingredients. After the celebrities present their tiny creations, it will then be up to Padman to determine who, in her opinion, made the best tiny impression. The prize? A very tiny trophy. 

"'With Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off,' we're bringing that same sense of whimsy to our streaming network," explained Holzer in the press release, while at the same time "giving some of our favorite stars the chance to try their hand at recreating these mini food masterpieces."

Who is Monica Padman?

The host of "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" is Monica Padman, a producer and actress, according to IMDb. You may recognize Padman as co-host of the "Armchair Expert" podcast with entertainment industry multi-hyphenate, Dax Shepard. Padman has also produced many episodes of "Momsplaining," featuring Shepard's wife, Kristen Bell. Padman became acquainted with Bell, when as a still-struggling actress, she babysat for Shepard and Bell's children (via "For The Love of Podcasts" webpage). In addition, Padman has acted with Martha Stewart's partner-in-dinner-party-crime, Snoop Dogg, according to the "Armchair Expert" fans who posted on the Reddit page devoted to all things "Armchair." Although the finished work, a Burger King training video, in which Padman plays a Burger King employee, was designated for internal Burger King use only, it has since been leaked and available on YouTube.

So, what is Padman's connection to tiny quail eggs, tiny ketchup bottles, and other things fans may get to see on "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off"? It would seem not much, except that she would appear to be a huge fan of the tiny spectacle. "The first time I saw a 'Tiny Kitchen' video, I was in complete awe," Padman said via the press release. "It was equal parts adorable and impressive, and I'm thrilled to be a part of Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off." In other words, what Padman may lack in tiny food talent, she's appear to make up for in enthusiasm. 

Which celebrities are going to be guests, and what tiny foods will they be making?

According to the press release sent to Mashed, the premise of "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" is that on each episode, two celebrity guests will be pitted against one another to see who can re-create the best version of one of the tiny dishes that has already been made popular by the "Tiny Talk" and "Tiny Kitchen" franchise. Theoretically, that could include pop star and "Tiny" fan Katy Perry's tiny, vegan Bragg apple cider vinegar doughnuts. However, Tastemade has confirmed some celebrities who will be challenged to make tiny dishes over the course of this upcoming season.

For Whitney Cummings and Miranda Cosgrove, the dish will be Tiny Spaghetti & Meatballs. For Jennifer Tilly and Devon Sawa, it will be Tiny Pumpkin Pie. Tori Spelling of "Beverly Hills, 90210" fame and "RHOBH's" Teddi Jo Mellencamp will be challenged to make Tiny French Toast with Strawberry Syrup. Ryan Hansen and Jimmy O. Yang will be making Tiny Cake Pops. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are on board for making Tiny Chili Cheese Nachos, and for Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel, the tiny challenge will be making Tiny Carrot Cake.  

No word so far on whether Perry will be making a guest appearance on the new streaming series as yet. But who knows what tiny developments await on this and potentially future seasons? 

When is the release date ?

Fans of all things "tiny food" have been on the receiving end of an increasing variety of "tiny food" programming of late. In addition to the many social media accounts, such as  @TinyFoods, that are devoted to posting or re-posting tiny food photos, a new tiny food cooking competition series, "Tiny Food Fight," featuring comedian and social media star, Mamrie Hart, debuted in September and is continuing to stream episodes on Discovery+ (via IMDb). However, Tastemade may truly be the OG here, having released its first "Tiny Kitchen" video in 2015 (via press release).

Yet, you're probably wondering when YOU can start watching celebrities like Devon Sawa and Jennifer Tilly attempting to make the more aesthetically pleasing tiny dish while, at the same time, trying to hold up their end of an interview with the show's host, Monica Padman? 

According to the press release sent to Mashed, "Tiny Food Cook-Off," will premiere tonight on Tastemade — Thursday, October 7, at 8:30 p.m. EST/5:30 p.m. PST. In the first episode, Whitney Cummings and Miranda Cosgrove are challenged to re-create Tiny Kitchen's Tiny Spaghetti & Meatballs, according to Tastemade's website.

How to watch Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off

"Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" will debut exclusively on Tastemade, which is available across a number of other platforms, including Apple TV, YouTube TV, Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, VIZIO WatchFree+, DIRECTV, and IMDb TV. In addition, you can catch episodes of "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" any time by going to the "live" page of Tastemade website. And so that you can watch episodes of "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" wherever your adventures may take you, there is also a Tastemade mobile app, called Tastemade+, which you can download from your favorite app store, according to the press release. 

If you happen to be new to Tastemade's "Tiny" franchise and feel like exploring its uniquely sweet and satisfying take on tiny foods made in tiny kitchens, you can watch many of the "Tiny Kitchen" videos on YouTube and Instagram. In addition, you can view all the "Tiny Kitchen" videos on Tastemade's webpage devoted to its "Tiny World."