Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Paula Deen's Triplet Grandkids

The Queen of Southern Cuisine, celebrity chef Paula Deen, is turning heads once again. Although the cookbook author has had her share of scandals, Deen appears to have come a long way from there and is, once again, the center of attention ... on her own social media, that is. 

Deen has been sharing some seriously attention-worthy photos to her Instagram account. In the beginning of September, she posted a throwback of herself as a cheerleader, and it blew up with 279 comments and 15,000 likes. Shortly after that, she added a sentimental Instagram photo of her and her husband gazing lovingly at each other on a porch swing, and this post attracted 27,200 likes with 579 comments.

Keeping up with her popular posting trend, yesterday Deen shared a photo to Instagram of herself and her grandchildren, Amelia, Linton, and Olivia, along with her son, Bobby, and daughter-in-law, Claudia. Deen's fans couldn't get enough of this precious snap of the triplets.

The triplets celebrated their third birthday

The sweet family photo, pictured above, was posted in honor of the triplets' third birthday, affectionately captioned, "The triplets are just growin' too fast. Happy third birthday to Amelia, Linton & Olivia! Guinny loves you!"  (via Instagram). The photo of her grandchildren depicts pure joy and we can't help but feel happy too. Paula Deen's daughter-in-law Claudia recently posted to her own Instagram about the triplets being born premature, at just 26 weeks.

Paula's Instagram fanbase of 424,000 also appears to be the family-oriented kind, as they are eating up this post with over 17,000 likes and 355 comments. Along with many birthday wishes and celebratory emoji comments, you'll also find some followers and fans posted more personal messages like, "Family (heart emoji)" and "So precious, beautiful, sweet n cute! Happy Birthday Sweethearts!" Extended family even joined in the social media fun posting, "HBD to these amazing three miracles!. God bless from your grand uncle!!!!"