Taco Bell Has Good News For Fans Of Its Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch

When a fan-favorite menu item returns, it is the perfect excuse to run to Taco Bell. As reported by Brand Eating, the Doritos cheesy gordita crunch is back and fans are ready to "live mas" once again. For those unfamiliar, this extra cheesy menu item features a Nacho Cheese Doritos taco shell surrounded by creamy cheese sauce and a Gordita shell. Nestled inside the double shells are ground beef, shredded lettuce, spicy ranch sauce and shredded cheese. Although specific menu prices may vary by location, $4.19 is a suggested price.

According to Chewboom, the Doritos cheesy gordita crunch is always on the menu, as long as guests customize their order. As part of the Taco Bell secret menu, guests can ask the restaurant to replace the regular taco shell with a Nacho Cheese Doritos taco shell when ordering a regular Cheesy Gordita Crunch. The ability to customize an order has been a huge draw for Taco Bell. As reported by Retail Dive, "70 percent of its customers are already customizing the items they order," which led the brand to focus on its mobile ordering options to offer both convenience and customization. With the push of a button, favorite menu items are always on the menu even if it is not listed on that board. While customization is always available, Taco Bell has more up its proverbial sleeve when it comes to new menu items.

Taco Bell adds more new menu items to satisfy those cheesy cravings

While many people are excited for the return of the Doritos cheesy gordita crunch, it isn't the only food item that can satisfy those cheesy cravings. In a recent announcement sent to Mashed, the Cheesy G combo features the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, two Crunchy Tacos and a large drink. A Doritos cheesy gordita crunch can be substituted in the combo. The combo has a suggested menu price of $6.99. While Eat This Not That reports that sometimes test market combo meals are added to a national menu rollout, it doesn't necessarily always happen. This item was not necessarily the addition that people were expecting. Sometimes testing the waters is the best way to determine which menu items and options will resonate the best with a larger audience.

Recently, specialty beverages, like the Freeze beverages, have sparked a big response with guests. Since a tasty combo needs a refreshing beverage, Taco Bell has revealed a new twist on its popular Freeze beverages. As stated in an announcement sent to Mashed, the Cherry Twilight Freeze is described as "a tart blue raspberry slushy drink blended with a swirl of sweet red cherry flavor." Whether this drink is spooky, sweet, or a combination of both, some people might be longing for that out of this world sip. While prices may vary, a 16 oz beverage has a suggested retail price of $2.39. Since the Cherry Twilight Freeze is a limited time menu item, it might be best to enjoy a sip before it disappears from the menu, just like twilight fades into darkness.