Nearly 22% Said This Was The Best Sandwich At Panera Bread

Panera Bread has become a popular quick-service alternative to some more traditional burger and fry-style fast food restaurants. The eatery markets itself as serving "delicious, freshly prepared, clean dishes made with carefully selected ingredients. ... Our menu, crafted by chefs and bakers, features classic, comforting dishes, each with an intriguing twist" (via Panera Bread's website). The restaurant is infamous for its "You Pick Two" menu and its selection of lunch hits including salads, soups, and, of course, sandwiches. But what's the best sandwich on the menu? To find out, Mashed polled 599 Panera customers in the U.S. and found some interesting results.

The three least popular sandwiches were the Toasted Frontega Chicken, with 5.51% of the vote, the Grilled Mac & Cheese, with 12.69% of voters casting their ballot for the new sandwich, and the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken, which got 17.86% of the vote. The next tier included two sandwiches tied in a dead heat: the Toasted Steak & White Cheddar and the Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt, each raking in 21.04% of the vote.

The top sandwich bringing home the bacon

Of the 599 respondents, 21.87% said their favorite sandwich at Panera Bread was the Bacon Turkey Bravo, which is served on the eatery's tomato basil bread and includes oven-roasted, antibiotic-free turkey breast, smoked bacon, gouda cheese, greens, tomatoes, and Panera's signature sauce. Ordering a Bacon Turkey Bravo will set you back approximately $10 for a whole sandwich (via Panera Bread's website), but according to some reviewers outside of the Mashed poll, the sandwich is well worth the price.

One writer for Brand Eating painted the sandwich in a positive light, stating, "Panera's Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich takes the standard turkey bacon sandwich and gives it the right tweaks to make a more interesting and well-balanced eating experience."

Another rater on Chick Advisor agreed with this positive review. "This is by far one of the best sandwiches I have ever had!" they wrote. "The bread is beyond amazing ... They give you a large amount [of] turkey and thick bacon along with fresh lettuce and tomato. The sauce is super yummy! If you haven't tried it yet it's a must!"

While the Bacon Turkey Bravo is obviously a Panera hit, according to Chew Boom, the eatery may soon have new sandwiches to add to its rankings, including two chicken sandwiches topped with aioli made from anchovies.