This Might Be The Exact Date White Castle's Sweet Potato Fries Return In 2021

As soon as we turn the calendar from October to November, our thoughts turn from Halloween favorites such as Skittles, Starburst, and pumpkin spice lattes to turkey with all the trimmings ... and more pumpkin spice lattes. The spooky pop-up stores vanish as mysteriously as they appeared, while turkeys trussed inside white plastic and netting start taking up a lot of grocery store refrigerator space.

A few fast food outlets get into the Thanksgiving spirit, too. Popeyes even goes so far as to offer a whole Cajun-spiced turkey (via Chew Boom). And White Castle fans know they can expect to see sweet potato fries and Turkey Sliders any week now. While White Castle diners can be unimpressed with the Thanksgiving-season sliders, the sweet potato fries are coveted as superior to the chain's regular fries (via Reddit). (The staff at Mashed agreed, in our fast food fry rankings.)

When, exactly, will White Castle's sweet potato fries return for 2021? It's hard to say. White Castle doesn't appear to be on the same fixed schedule as Starbucks is with its Pumpkin Spice Latte. We told you on August 1 the exact date of PSL's return would be the 24th of that month, and we were right. We're not promising the same prognostication skills this time around, but we'll do our best.

White Castle could drop sweet potato fries as early as November 1

White Castle introduced sweet potato fries for the Thanksgiving season in 2008, according to QSR Web. Since then, release dates for the seasonal side order have bounced around the month of November like a deer in hunting season. In 2009, their arrival was announced on the late date of November 17, when some Thanksgiving cooks were no doubt already thawing their bird. In 2011, White Castle posted something on Facebook on November 15 about sweet potato fries being back, although it's unclear whether or not they'd been available before that date. One year later, another White Castle Facebook post said November 6 was the last day to vote on whether sweet potato fries or regular crinkle-cut were your favorite. You would think that by then the sweet potato version had been available for maybe a week at least.

In 2017, Brand Eating announced White Castle's sweet potato fries on November 15. But in 2018, per QSR, you could order the seasonal fries by November 1.

With past dates ranging from November 1 to the 19th, we'll split the difference for 2021. We're guessing White Castle would love to make customers happy by rolling out the sweet potato fries at the beginning of November. But let's not rule out the possibility that supply-chain shortages will delay things. Mark your calendars: White Castle will bring back sweet potato fries on Friday, November 11 (we think).